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How to Usenet!

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by , 04-18-2010 at 01:14 AM (11250 Views)
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Usenet aka Newsgroups is as old as the internet and the best way to get all your games/movies/mp3s bar none. You will find just about every Wii iso/VC/Wiiware ever released. You will have to pay for an account, but you will find it worth every penny of around $10 a month and if you use SSL not even your isp will know what you are downloading! There are hundreds of providers and shopping around for the best deal is a must.
Things to look for include: Retention - this is how long files are stored on the server, most providers are offering 300+ days atm which equates to just about every movie/game/mp3 album you could ever want, SSL - Secure Sockets Layer, this means that your downloads are encrypted so nobody will know what you are downloading, Cost - Shopping around for the best deal is something you should do regulary, big name providers cost a lot more and the gains are not worth the money ie Giganews.

What you will need:

A paid for Usenet account - for this guide i recommend Astraweb, they offer SSL at no extra cost, unlimited downloads and 564 day retention!

A news reader program - Grabit is easy to use and has all the features you will need for now, but once you get into it i recommend Newsleecher.

QuickPar - You will find .PAR2 files in the downloads, these will fix/replace any damaged/missing .rar files and Quickpar is the software for the job, that said most newsreader software has par/rar support built in but it doesn't always work so get Quickpar from here first.

Winrar - You probably have this anyway, but if you haven't, get it here.

1: Sign up for an account with a Usenet provider, Astraweb is the best by far and comes with ssl as standard or try for a 3 day trial.

2: Get a newsreader program, Grabit is free and fairly simple for new users.

3. After you install Grabit it'll ask for the address of your Usenet server ie and you must tick the 'require username/password' checkbox.

4. Fill out the username/password with your details from the account you signed up for.

5. Grabit will open its window - go to the left of the screen where it says default server, right-click on it and select server properties and tick the ssl checkbox (if you have ssl that is) also while you're here set connections to 10 (or whatever the max connections are for your service).

6. You should now install Quickpar, set it to associate with .sfv files too if you like, though it won't repair anything using them it is handy to see if your downloads are ok in the absence of PAR2 files.

7. Thats your software set up...simple eh? now you need some .nzb files.

8. nzbs contain all the necessery data for your newsreader software to download files, there are lots of ways of getting them, the easiest is to download them from an nzb site, Merlins Portal is the best and it's free.

9. If you cant find what you want at merlins then you can make your own nzbs from a usenet search site, theres plenty more around too, have a look at the bottom of this post or use Google.

10. Once you have your .nzb just double-click it and it'll open Grabit, load the list of files and start downloading them.

11. When the download has finished grabit should check it using the PAR2 files and extract the .rars, if it doesn't you will have to do it yourself, just run any of the PAR2 files and they will scan for errors, if you get any press the 'Repair' button and let it do its job. Then extract with Winrar.

11. Thats it! You should get full speed from your connection (I get 10mbps from 10 connections easily) and you don't have to upload a thing! If you have any questions just lmk and ill be happy to help


Have some files you would like to share with the world? You will only have to upload them once, no messing about leaving your PC on for weeks 'seeding', just upload with yenc powerpost and it'll be available for download for over a year!


More information - Guide To The Usenet Newsgroups - QuickStart

Usenet Providers - Usenet News Server - $10/month
Power Usenet

NZB Sites
Newzbin - Login
Binsearch -- Usenet search engine
NZBIndex - We index, you search
nzb search file download files at
FileSharing Talk - BitTorrent, Usenet, NZB, Verified Hashes, ED2K, Kazaa Lite and Discussion
NZBMatrix: NZB Usenet Downloads. NZBs Downloads
PeerHub - Free adult NZB downloads :: Free NZB Download Source, NZB Site, NZB Search, Newsgroup Search, Usenet Search, Download NZB, NZB Files, Usenet Access
ShowDates - Your TV NZB Source

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  1. hodgy's Avatar
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    awesome cheers for this, been meaning to get into usenet. fed up with slow torrents is a nice and easy to follow guide
  2. alphabot's Avatar
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    I don't think you missed a beat there. That's a decent, complete guide. I've been doing this for 10+ years. Usenet is like fight club like dat. Lots more HD video and lossless music than there used to be.

    I use a diff provider (for their search features; yours beats their retention by far), but for just NNTP without going thru a browser, any old provider will do. Best part? The speed beats torrents any day of the week.

    btw, there are apps for every part of this on the mac side of the force, altho their best usenet app ala GrabIt is Unison and it's payware. The utils and such are all open/freeware on the mac.

    Also, I've never had luck burning isos with toast, but like other faqs say, just burn with Disk Utility. For me, it bangs 'em out flawlessly every time.
  3. Dogeggs's Avatar
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    Astraweb have upped retention to 600+ days!