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Welcome to the IRC chatroom - new and revised!

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by , 04-18-2010 at 01:05 AM (2273 Views)
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Every member of the wiihacks community is welcome to join us in the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) area. IRC is basically just a chat protocol that has been around since the late 80's, and is still widely used today. Think of it as AOL chat on steroids.

Come and join your fellow wiihacks members in sessions of light-hearted chats and fun activities. While almost any iRC client can connect to irc://, there are tutorials available for using mIRC or ChatZilla for Firefox. note: mibbit is NOT supported.

~* FOR PRIORITY MEMBERS *~ (for anyone who is a Donor or Staff) we offer a #wiihacks_priority channel. Once connected to the network and you are registered and identified [instructions below] just type in
/join #wiihacks_priority

In this room we offer priority suport, if there happens to be an OP around, meaning we stop what we are doing and come to your attention. If no one is answering your question in a timely manner just type in
and this will send an alert to the main room that you need assistance. Please note that if you are NOT a donor or staff you will be automatically kicked from the room....

*Please be advised there are rules that you need to follow*

Be courteous, we will not tolerate ANY negative conduct.
Do not defy the wishes of the ops, what they say goes.
Do not PM any hops or ops without permission first.
Do not pop onto iRC just to get information handed to you; do some research!!!!

FAQ/Things to watch for:

Q: I entered the room and RickRoll asked me to set a passcode, what is this?
A: This is being noted to you because your nick name is not registered with the IRC Network's services. You can safely ignore this message, but if you'd like to protect your name, please follow the steps it gives you.

note: for more info on the rickroll bot please refer to this post: RickRoll Bot Commands for the wiihacks channel

Q: I entered the room and RickRoll said some sort of welcome message in the channel.
A: This is common, and means the bot is seeing you as a forums member, you will see message such as:
22:14:55 join {MaDBoY} [removed host mask info for security reasons]
22:14:56 mode {Concierge} sets {+v MaDBoY}
22:14:56 {%Concierge} Welcome MaDBoY: Title: Junior Member (cached)

Q: I cannot talk in the channel!?
A: One of 4 things is occuring. 1) Your about to get kicked by the bot because your name in IRC does not match your name on the forums here. 2) A mod has taken your voice away, in which your at the whim of which ever mod has done so. 3) Your not identified to the bot after settings a passcode 4) You've been banned or are in the reading room in the forums.

Q: Why DID The bot KICKED ME!
A: One of a few things occured.
1) You were warned that your nick was not a registered nick on the forums, and we're kicked and banned for 5 minutes. Simply change your name and re-enter the room, the ban is only set on the bad name, not on your host address.
2) You were attempting to use the bot's mod only commands, and we're kicked for doing so.
3) You ticked a mod off and may have been temp banned, in which case, stop doing that!
4) You just met head first with one of the fun commands in the room and a mod made you a target.
In order to join the Wiihacks IRC, you must register with your Wiihacks username. Upon connection with the Wiihacks IRC Chatroom, you should have a window or tab labeled as Please switch to this tab so that if you make a mistake, the whole room cannot see your passcode and email you are trying to use.

General Nickserv Commands

Registering your Nickname
/msg Nickserv register yourpassword youremail

Replace yourpassword with a password you'd like to use, and replace youremail is your REAL email.
A email will be sent to your email address, you will then take the enclosed command and run it in your irc window. You will run this command while on the Nick Name you wish to register.

Identifying your nick name on login
/msg nickserv identify yourpassword

This will identify your nick name to the channel services, required if your an Admin, Op, Half-Op to get set as such in the channel.

Grouping multiple Nick Names together
/msg nickserv group YourFirstNick YourFirstNickPassword

You must have 1 registered nick to run this command, from your new nick that you wish to group to your orginal, type this command, replacing YourFirstNick with your orginal already registered nickname, along with its password

Recovering your name if someone takes it or you get disconnected and cant get your name back
/msg nickserv recover YourNick YourNicksPassword
/msg nickserv release YourNick YourNicksPassword
From any name type these commands, replacing YourNick and YourNicksPassword with your actual registered nick name and its password.
Once complete your can /nick YourNick to return to your normal name.

Setting enforcement and kill on your nick so someone cant be on it period
/msg nickserv set kill quick

This command turns protection on your registered nick ON, it gives you 20 seconds to identify or you will be killed off the network and/or forced to another nick name

There are many other commands and settings you can apply to your nick such as greetings and so on, you can review all these settings by typing /msg nickserv help set and NickServ Help by typing /msg nickserv help

Any other questions regarding the network itself please type this command into any window:

/join #help
So, if you want to get live chat and moral support come by and see us...

:SOP: [designated by ! symbol in front of nick in mIRC or a in ChatZilla]

:AOP: [designated by @ symbol in front of nick in mIRC or a in ChatZilla]

:HOP: [designated by the % symbol in front of nick in mIRC or a in ChatZilla]

#wiihacks on the UICN

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