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Latest Waninkoko News

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by , 04-18-2010 at 01:03 AM (2389 Views)
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I've decided to start posting all the Waninkoko news I pick up on in this thread. So feel free to check in from time to time to see what's the latest.

Last Update: 3/29/10

Today's Top Headline

No More Alt-Dol? Wha-wha??

"IOS reloading block works with all DVD games I tried. Now I just need to find a way to get it working in USB/SDHC mode."

On the way in a future cIOS revision, Waninkoko has successfully blocked IOS reloading in DVD games. This
means games like WSR and RS2 (with the motionplus video) would no longer need to be loaded the first time using an
alt-dol. This possibility could also lighten the load on our many users who have to consistently point newer users in the
direction of guides for those games. Yes, this is very exciting news!


Waninkoko Got Gecko! - Part deux

"IOS reloading blocked successfully. Not tested with any game yet."
"I just needed 10 minutes to debug the NAND emulator with the USB Gecko and fix the remaining bugs. Great!"


Waninkoko Got Gecko!

"USB Gecko just bought! Thanks to everybody who helped."

Thanks to the contributions of the Wii-hacking community at large, Waninkoko has purchased his First USB Gecko.
What this means in the short-term is faster, more efficient debugging in his work on the cIOS and anything else
he works on with the Wii console. In the long-term, with Waninkoko, who knows what he'll come up with.


Waninkoko Goes for Gecko

It appears Waninkoko is currently taking donations towards the acquisition of a USB Gecko. If
you aren't sure what they are, see here. The aid of a USB Gecko device would be of huge benefit
to himself and the community in his coding of new cIOS revisions.


Rev20 Already in the Works

"FAT module for rev20 has been completely rewritten. Now it's a 65% smaller and faster.
The FFS plugin has been modified to work with it."


Rev19 released!

Get it Here.


Waninkoko Updates Modules Beyond Rev18 @ Github

Waninkoko has updated the many cIOS modules at his github. Some feel this is indicative
of an impending rev19 release, especially considering many of the applications rev18 is
reported to have "broken." Really what we may be looking at here is just a simple update
and nothing more. While many functions are seemingly broken under rev18, Waninkoko
considers his rewrites "necessary for future updates," and in most cases not much editing
need be done to get most of the apps to work again.

Update: Well look who was wrong //points thumbs at chest// this guy! Looks like rev19 is a comin'.

Source: Follow Waninkoko On Twitter!

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