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I need extracted save game exploits!!!

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by , 11-28-2010 at 08:49 AM (4338 Views)
I need some volunteers to extract their save game exploit RBK files.
I need the savegame exploits extracted with the Nintendo Backup Disc

I Have Indiana PWNS, but am in need of the following RBK:
Yu-Gi-OWNED -60hz = RYOP
Yu-Gi-OWNED -50hz = RYOP

If you have these, or can install these on your wii, please extract them for me.

Load Nintendo Backup(250) from disc or usb
Select Backup single title
Select RYO~ and back it up to your sd card
Rename this file to the exploit name.
Example Yu-Gi-VAH-NTSC-J.RBK
ZIP or RAR the file and upload to or other
Post the link here please

With these files users can install the exploit without ever running the game. It can be used as an extra layer of brick protection. I just need the files.

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  1. Bliepo's Avatar
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    You mean, you could softmod a vigin wii without actually needing the original games?
  2. mauifrog's Avatar
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    Not without a modchip. This is for brick recovery. It puts the exploit on the wii so you can use it latter if you need to. You still need the game to run the exploit.
  3. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
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    If you dont have these after Xmas, let me know and Ill do it.

    Im just extremely busy in the short term and wont have time.
  4. mauifrog's Avatar
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    Thanks, I have them now.
  5. George Egervari's Avatar
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    Could you share them?
  6. mauifrog's Avatar
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    Of course, here they are.

    Pre brick protection

    Post brick recovery

  7. out_loud's Avatar
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    i have tried this bub gives me this messege - filename a:/is not long enough to have a . rbk suffix....
    what can i do?
  8. kc#erica's Avatar
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    Mauifrog: I found this message cuz I'm in the middle of softmodding my wii using your any wii guide. I am using bathaxx and I am at the "extra brick protection" part of the guide so I searched to try to find out exactly how to do this when I ran into this post.
    So if you can pm me and tell me exactly how to do this I would be happy to send you the files if nobody else has, I mean as much as you have helped us with all of your posts here and since lego batman just happened to be the only game from the list that was available at the store at the time, I would be happy to send you what you need but I guess I need more of a guide to know what I'm doing! (I'm assuming it's not just a copy of a saved game from lego batman??)
    Plz pm me because if you reply here I probably won't end up seeing it.
    -Thanks for all of your help