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Comodo Secure DNS Blocks UseNext

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by , 09-18-2010 at 04:40 PM (3126 Views)
This morning I awoke with great anticipation at viewing the evenings downloaded usenet "News" via usenext. Unfortunately, rather than finding several gigs less on my hd, I found my usenext client siting at 80%, doing nothing at all. This was bothersome, so I turned it off and back on again, nothing. I rebooted the pc, still nothing, no connection at all. I started to worry, perhaps my ip had blocked it. In an act of desperation, I decided I would reinstall a fresh copy of the client. Upon browsing to the usenext website, I was greeted with something new. My trustworthy commodo DNS server decided to protect me from this evil website and blocked it. Well that was something new, so I switched my DNS settings over to an open dns server, and guess what, usenet bandwidth started pouring in. So, just an FYI, if you are using some forum of secure DNS service and things that should work suddenly stop, you may want to use a different DNS sever. I am pretty sure I will not be using Comodo's until I figure out how to modify the block.

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  1. MWisBest's Avatar
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    I use OpenDNS myself, I find it faster than my ISP's but sometimes I can't connect to the internet, so I have to switch back to my ISP's and then maybe the next day switch back to OpenDNS. When I use my ISP's instead of OpenDNS it is much slower.
  2. noprob's Avatar
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    I too use OpenDNS and have the same results as MWisBest with my ISP