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Me waisting my time.

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by , 06-23-2010 at 10:37 PM (3219 Views)
I had a wonderful Idea to install HBC. I thougt, what if I install a channel on a wii, then backup that channel to the sd-card. Then on another wii install a different channel, via wad, except patch the title id to match the channel of the original wii, then install the other channel via data managment.

So I installed the Internet Channel on one wii, backed it up to sd and removed it.
I then patched a HBC.wad to the title HADE to match the internet channel. I installed it on another wii, then went to data management and copied it to sd.
I then took that sd to the other wii and tried to copy it over, but I got an error "can not copy, because of newer version" of something like that. Well that got me a little excited, so I patched the version number to match. Then it failed, so I patched the channel title, but it still failed.

Well, it did not work, but for a moment I thought I might be on to something. Perhaps I will try again just to be sure, but I think I FAIL.

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  1. Cile's Avatar
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    cant you use shadows 4.3 guide and install hbc wad with different ID....with wad manager....or does it delete no matter what the ID
  2. MWisBest's Avatar
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    I think he's trying to copy The Homebrew Channel from a .wad installed to System Menu, then copied to an SD card and copying HBC from the SD card to a non-hacked Wii.
  3. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
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    Well, I tried it with a forwarder, just a few minutes ago.

    I failed... I got a forwarder channel of WiiFlow, copied it to my SD Card, putted SD Card in my computer, changed Title ID to HABA (Shop Channel), set version number to 19, saved the WAD, putted SD Card in another Wii with 4.3, opened WiiFlow. The channel does open but it keeps giving me an 'Exception (DSI) Occured!' screen, while the exact same forwarder with exact same files is used.
    So, yeah, I failed too..
  4. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
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    Another attempt, but this time, I inserted a boot.dol file inside the Shop Channel. I installed it, and I banner bricked my Wii for some unknown reason. Of course I had Priiloader installed, so it isn't a big deal, but it's weird. Is there someone who can change the banner and icon of my custom Shop Channel WAD? This way, if inserting a DOL file actually works, and the system menu thinks it is the Shop Channel that is being loaded, this could be a possible solution. I inserted AnyRegion Changer (the 4.1 firmware installer hack) in the Shop Channel, from where you can downgrade to firmware 4.1 with the use of IOS36 or probably any other IOS like 21.
  5. MWisBest's Avatar
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    Maybe it would work if the Internet Channel wasn't already installed on the Wii? Or just deleting the original Internet Channel?
  6. jonathanb9595's Avatar
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    Interesting idea!, mabye try a VC wad instead? something a little smaller and nothing that can have "a newer version"
  7. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
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    I tried, but using a VC WAD doesn't work instead. I was just thinking about making a ROM file of any application, and make it emulatable by one of the VC emulators, but this will fail, since emulation is not safe with installing stuff on your Wii, I think.

    Still, I am striggling over my Shop Channel WAD, since it has a corrupted banner. It's a shame that I don't know how to edit banenrs and icons.
  8. fiire's Avatar
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    It appears that inserting a boot.dol file into a channel changes 4 files:

    1) a file that cannot be opened via U8Tool
    2) a .tik file
    3) a .tmd file
    4) a .trailer file

    I am unable to properly edit them as they are unicode (I'm just opening them up in wordpad), and I cannot read them properly. However, it is easy enough to tell that some text is different. If anyone knows how to open these files, I will look into it.