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Problematic Games & Solutions

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by , 04-30-2010 at 12:20 AM (10364 Views)

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  1. cybercrud's Avatar
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    Interesting, my COD3 works via USB. Strangely enough, I've never had problems with most of the games listed. My New SMB worked right away as did my Deadly Creatures. In fact, the only games I had to tweak were Wii Sports Resort, and Rock Band for instruments. Never had to use an Alt.dol either. Running 3.2U, cIOSrev14, Hermes v4, and USB Loader GX. Kind of makes me wonder why some people have problems with games and other people don't? Actually, do you know if anybody has compiled a list of what the latest IOS versions are? It would be nice to know what I am missing or if there are newer versions than I am currently running.
  2. Krank's Avatar
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    Yes there is a list of the latest IOS revisions. Try Here..

    Also the fixes for the games are not required for everyone for many reasons. (which I won't get into because it differs for each game, and individual)
    Deadly Creatures and NSMB fixes have been included in updated USB Loader revisions and cIOS revisions. ( as an example of why you might not need to use the fix)

    The list is intended to help people easily find a guide they are looking for. Also to compile all known problematic games.
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    I have been searching for an answer to this question for about 2 days now and i can't find an answer to the problem. In several games when an event just finished and the game is loading the next event it usually turns the screen black and then the event starts again, but not for me.

    In almost every game i load with usb loader gx (now using the latest rev.) it freezes on that loading screen.
    (In smg2, the game freezes several times and always when i'm at "Spin Dig Galaxy" after the boss when mario has reached for the star, and then the game freezes in the black loading screen. I have done everything the guide says even the 002/black screen fix)
    this happens in other games as well, such as "paper mario" and "Zelda"

    I'm using a iPod Video 60GB that is confirmed to work, but i may think it could be the problem

    I hope someone knows the answer to my question

    [uisng cIOSX rev19]

    Thx in advance!
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    Guide Updated, Make sure to check the original Thread Link for info.