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Let us never forget...

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by , 09-11-2010 at 07:59 AM (1606 Views)
Today is September 11th 2010. Nine years ago today terrorist attacked our country and murdered 3000 innocent people. That event effected me deeply in many ways that are forever lasting. Let's never forget.... don't let your children forget.....

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  1. summersyn's Avatar
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    This is one of the first major things that our generation lived through (I'm 25 btw), so as these events make their way to the history books (it's already in my college US history book) our kids will be learning about it and asking us in the same way that we asked out parents where they were when... (JFK was killed, assassination attempt on Reagan, ect.) and as we still learn about the horrible events at pearl harbor, no one will be allowed to forget. As I don't know anyone personally who was affected by this, just know that my heart DOES go out to anyone here in this community who was.
    -Thank you.
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    Nice blog, never forget!