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Take that Brits! LOL...

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by , 07-03-2010 at 08:42 PM (1540 Views)
I really have nothing against Wiijohn or Tealc, or any brits for that matter. Just celebrated independence day with shady fireworks that you pretty much had to guess what they were going to do and pray. Might lose a thumbnail due to an over zealous wick burning.... Happy 4th everyone who celebrates!

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  1. WiiJohn's Avatar
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    I don't have anything against people having a party, especially a tea one.

    btw without Brits who would play the bad guys in your movies.
  2. Fluid's Avatar
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    Heath Ledger... He's Australian..
  3. s0ur's Avatar
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    [QUOTE=Fluid;bt792]Heath Ledger... He's Australian..[/QUOTE]

    Umm he's dead.
  4. Stomp_442's Avatar
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    We dumped all the tea in the harbor, now we have starbucks