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been alittle busy

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by , 03-26-2010 at 05:03 PM (870 Views)
i haven't made the rounds of reading like i usually do, not that it matters. i have been spreading the word though. next week i'm going to try to get my cousin's wii setup like mine. sure it will go smoothly. his board messed up. we think it was likely the bluetooth. finally mowing grass again. have a few from last year and hoping to get more (planning on a full time thing). been spending alot of time working on a motor for my truck. cleaning right now. words can't describe the filth that's inside an engine that's been sitting for 8-10 years. about the wii though he saw my setup and he's couldn't believe it. played the heck out of mine when he was here visiting. he sent it off to nintendo so who knows what they'll do to it. it did have hbc. no doubt it'll come cleaned of that and updated yay. hopefully they'll gut and throw in a new drive board and all. his is one of the originals so i'm sure it could use a new one. aside from him, i've been sharing the info i'm put hbc on a friend's wii and pointing everyone i talk to about a wii here. let's hope they'll donate i said not that it matters. anyway wish me luck with this this stuff

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    Good luck and more than likely it will have 4.2 on it but then you just use another guide I'm sure donations would be good for the site and hopefully they see the value in having this site avaiable. Again good luck.