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fianlly i got it

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by , 03-09-2010 at 07:43 PM (966 Views)
thanks to anyone and everyone who's played a roll in this site. i got the wii running backups from a hard drive. works pretty slick. i have a couple relatives wanting theirs done like that now lol. i got some snow on the screen with the hard drive being hooked up. thinking it could be related to the fact i'm doing this via usb hard drive adapter and the rower supply doen't like the wii. i'm thinking i might get a 2.5 pata and use it for the wii exclusively since those will run off usb only. just bypass that issue. my wife's happy she let me tinker with it now. (was uneasy at first). i still am running with no preloader. i'll get to that shortly taking baby steps with it. fooling with the cios files makes me nervous knowing the outcome could be bad. long story shot, i wanted this done and now it is. just saying thanks. one more thing while i'm rambling about the help and the recent accomplishment, if i decide against the 2.5 pata h/d, does anyone know of a good usb h/d to use or enclosure for a 3.5 sata?

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  1. DOSHA's Avatar
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    western digital my book 1TB works great for me got at wall mart 100 bucks
  2. markeyb's Avatar
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    I have found the 500GB Buffalo JustStore Desktop External Storage - HD-E500U2-UK)

    The access time is prety quick and i have had no problems with games loading ore working with it with wbfs manager...

    Not sure if this is the sort of drive you may be looking at but as i have never had any problems after softmodding 6 wii's now and using the same drives for all 6 i thought you might like to know ..

    Also i have a usb 2 2.5" harddrive caddy with a 60gb toshiba laptop harddrive that i know works perfect with the wii..these can be got of ebay for around 30
  3. jeffr's Avatar
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    thanks, i was thinking along those lines. i figured out a way around the snow. come to find out it was just the power brick for the h/d. i found this out and i know everyone is going to laugh about this... i have an old comp (pentium 2 old) just laying around. well i put it to use this morning. put the h/d in the tower and hooked to the power supply and disconnected the h/d that was running the comp so it would boot but sit but sit there with nothing to load. you turn it on and it beeps once and that's about all the comp does other than turn on the power supply. i then ran the usb adapter out the back and plugged it into the wii. there you have it an over sized external h/d. this will work till i get the extra to get an external disk. i think i can manage with a 280 gig.