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My thoughts today...

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by , 03-05-2010 at 09:49 AM (1050 Views)
I'm not sure if I'll continue this blogging thing, or what it'll turn into if I do. If I use it for anything, it'll probably be to discuss my thoughts on the more controversial applications and/or customizations available. I would never make a post about topics like this in the past because I feel there's too much risk involved for the average user. But these apps are out there free for anyone to stumble upon, and since this area is designated for my personal thoughts I see no reason not to express them.

I do this of my own accord because:
  1. I have Bootmii installed to boot2.
  2. I'm perfectly willing to risk bricking my console in the interest of hacking it.
  3. I know what I'm doing (thanks in large part to this forum), and even when I don't I'm willing to brick trying to find out.

That said, I almost never use the console for playing games anymore. So in my free time, what little there has been lately, I like to test out everything I can get my mits on to see what it's capable of, where the homebrew scene is headed, and above all to experience for myself just how in the world so many users on here actually manage to brick their Wiis. So far I haven't figured out that last bit.

Unless I state otherwise, any subject I talk about in this blog should be considered potentially hazardous for the Wii console and is generally not recommended.

Dop-Mii v12

Dop-Mii is the newly released retitlement of an app formerly known as Dop-IOS Mod. For the last couple months I've taken a keen interest in the project and have since been testing new betas of it extensively. Since v10 was released some time ago, this app has slowly become one of the most powerful homebrew apps for the console. Its interface gives direct access to all the important internal files on the system, including the ability to (un)install any IOS (including stubs) to any slot with or without patching, upgrading or downgrading the system menu while backing up Priiloader (or not, your choice) as far back as 2.0, running a syscheck which is more detailed than signCheck and can be saved to an SD card or USB HDD, an easier method to restore fakesigning to an un-patched IOS36 than I've seen from any other process (TBR), and even a boot2 check which shows your boot2 version and allows you to update to boot2v4 if desired.

One particularly nice feature is that it backs up and restores Priiloader every time you downgrade/upgrade from one firmware to another, while also checking for and installing the correct system IOS beforehand, even letting you use Priiloader on firmwares 3.0, 3.1, 3.3, and 3.4. Obviously there are no system hacks for those and so it becomes a fairly useless app in the face of Bootmii/boot2, but interesting nonetheless. I had to completely get rid of Priiloader to load 2.0 and 2.2.

If this sounds like a pretty powerful tool, it is. It's not for the unexperienced user. The number of things that can go wrong using this app are too many to name. You can literally uninstall nearly every important system file on the console at the press of a button. I think worst of all, there are no checks in place to prevent someone with a newer console from downgrading beyond what's possible. Yes there are warnings on each install, asking you to confirm your installation, but nothing in the app is built in which can prevent a user from fully bricking the console.

That all said it's most assuredly my favorite app to date. I love it and the improvements they make with each new release are absolutely fantastic and impressive. Keeping in mind that everything it does can be accomplished by other means, the consolidation of all its features into a single app which has so much control over the console is, I feel, of huge benefit to the Wii scene in general.

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  1. Cile's Avatar
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    i agree the dop-ios is my fav wii application it just makes it easy and its hard to make a mistake(for a common sense user) it warns you bout the stubs and as Precaution they put you always have to double select yes.To do something.If you want to update boot2 you have to select yes three
  2. Baboo77's Avatar
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    I've been wanting to try this one but wasn't sure what I could use it for other than having fun bricking my wii.
  3. Ithian's Avatar
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    I think there are two, maybe three really useful features in this app.

    • Fakesigning IOS36 is a LOT easier than using TBR. It's literally just a few clicks away and the app does the whole process for you, even restoring IOS15 after it's finished.
    • Syscheck is more comprehensive than signcheck and can be saved to sd or usb, or not at all.
    • The IOS installer/uninstaller lets you know what version is installed, whether it's a stub, and what function it performs. So lets say you're softmodding a virgin 4.2, you can check for and easily remove all of the stubs in the 200+ slots without having to touch Wad Manager.

    So in that sense it's awesome. You can complete some of the most important steps to softmodding a console just with this app. But I wish there were an alternate or simplified version that the average user could use that had more checks in place to prevent accidental bricking.
  4. thatfloorguy's Avatar
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    Very interesting, I am going to have to read up on that and maybe eventually install it. I am getting familiar with V10 (dop ios mod). Of course if I suddenly fall off the wii planet my wife did me in for bricking. =)
  5. Baboo77's Avatar
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    I decided to check this app out again (I guess I really didn`t understand its potential the first time) and I agree, its one hell of a tool. I find the gui layout fairly simple, almost to simple, I can see how an inexperienced user could screw up their wii.