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Thursday's Smoke-out

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by , 12-24-2010 at 11:29 PM (1433 Views)
So this past Thursday I got volunteered to smoke up some food for a potluck at my mom's office. The potluck was at 12pm, so that meant I needed the food to be ready and on the grill pretty early. Unfortunately I've also been having some sleeping issues these past couple weeks, so I ended up asleep around 4 and up around 7 that day lol.

So what was for lunch?

I present you the guests of honor

These 4 tri-tips have been marinated overnight in all kinds of good stuff, and I'm getting the smoker heated and up to temp. It was running a little cold that day, and I had some unexpected slip ups that cost me a little time (yes, I got ash on the grills and had to wash them off).

Ready for and on the grill

I also just recently learned the wonders of heavy duty aluminum foil. This stuff is just awesome and holds up like a tank against high direct heat and these long indirect smokes. You can see in the pictures it's brand new foil just for this smoke. Watch how well it holds up throughout the rest of the pics.

1 Hour in

Man these were looking nice. The cuts came from Costco, which I haven't had the chance to shop there in a good long while. So this was nice.


Okay, now if you aren't drooling yet you must not eat meat. I'm exhausted as I write this and it STILL makes me hungry looking at this shot. At this point I've glazed the outsides of the meat with a mixture of honey, apple juice, red pepper flakes, Worcestershire, apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic cloves, and some butter. This glaze gets applied every half hour for the rest of the cook. It's sticky, it's gooey, and it's goo-o-o-ood!


Wow. Can you believe how good these look? I can.

Normally I'd have let these bad boys sit in there for another hour just to let that flavor seep a little deeper into the meat, but time was short and I had an office full of hungry people waiting for me a half hour across town. So I placed them in a deep pan and drizzled on the rest of the glaze I had, then wrapped them up and headed out the door.

Cut and Ready to Serve!

This shot's important, because the tri-tips need to be placed on top of the finishing dressing before they're cut. Usually the dressing goes on top, right? Not here. Underneath those beautiful pieces of deliciousness you see above is a nice layer of olive oil, fresh lemon zest and juice off the lemons from the backyard tree, and some fresh chopped chives.

Check out that smoke ring

Yeah, baby.

Fully plated and ready to eat!

One of the guys at the office had decked out his plate so well I had to take a shot of it. Picture perfect!

Thanks for reading. Bon Appetite!

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  1. ModderMan's Avatar
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    man... Thats makes me hungry.... nice!!
  2. Ithian's Avatar
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    Thanks it was good. Hope you had a good holiday. Crazy the new year's coming up this week.