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Wd 1tb hd $60.00usd

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by , 08-21-2010 at 09:06 AM (2892 Views)
This sale is now over and the price has gone back up to $94. Hope those of you lucky enough to get one enjoy your new drives!

If anyone's on the lookout for a new hard drive, here's one from the Dell website: WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB Elements External Hard Drive USB 2.0 Black : Storage, Drives & Backup | Dell

For anyone who was around for it back then, you'll notice this is the exact same drive being offered by Target stores on Black Friday last November for the same price. Wish I had the extra cash, but maybe some of you can enjoy yourselves a little extra digital space.

Oh and for a little while longer (14 hours or so I think), you can get the 500GB counterpart which powers on thru the usb port for $53.99 here; Western Digital 500GB USB Portable Hard Drive: $54 + free shipping | 9 to 5 Mac Western Digital 500GB USB Portable Hard Drive: $54 + free shipping | Apple Intelligence) - This deal is no longer available.

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  1. wiiLike2Hacks's Avatar
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    Great deal, thanks for the share!
  2. wiihacker192's Avatar
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    I bought this same one a couple days ago. This one works right?
    Just wanted to make sure.
  3. thatfloorguy's Avatar
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    Man that is a great deal. I got the 500GB and paid that. I wish I had the extra cash also. Thanks for sharing, I am sure there are a few that will jump on it.
  4. Jasons34's Avatar
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    I just went and ordered mine today. I remember on black friday walking into my nearby Target 2 minutes after they opened and walked straight back to electronics where they had those HDD cheap only to find that they had already sold out of the 1TB. They only had 1 500GB so I bought that instead. Now I will transfer all my stuff from the 500 to the 1 TB and maybe use the smaller one for movies. Is it even possible to run a usb Y adapater and have both these drives hooked to the wii at the same time?
  5. Ithian's Avatar
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    @wiihacker192 - I have no reason to assume it doesn't. Dell is a legitimate company.

    @narse1979 - Ouch. Just ouch.

    @Jasons34 - I don't believe it will. I think a misfire happens at the split when attempting to link the two drives on a Wii, as the driver capability isn't coded to support that type of connection. Feel free to prove me wrong though: I'm sure many users would appreciate that type of functionality - myself included.

    On a side note, I had the exact same experience that day, almost verbatim. My exception was they had sold out of the 500GB drives as well.

    @wiiLike2Hacks & @thatfloorguy - My pleasure. Hope a few people get a nice new drive out of it.
  6. Jasons34's Avatar
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    Glad I got mine. Now Im having problems using wbs manager to "clone my drive. Now I have to manually put the games on my new drive. Just glad I only have 23 games to do.
  7. Ithian's Avatar
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    That's a bummer. I've never tried it myself but Wii Backup Manager has become a really popular backup tool over the last several months. Maybe give it a shot. WBFS Manager always bugged out on me. I use ncWBFSTool now and like it quite a bit, but it doesn't have an effective "copy drive" function.