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iTunes Store Potentially Hacked (updated)

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by , 07-04-2010 at 12:16 PM (1381 Views)
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iTunes Accounts Hacked by Vietnamese Developer?
Posted by Federico Viticci.

This is the Books category in the iPhone App Store, and these are the top paid apps in that category. Notice something weird? There’s a developer who has 40 apps (!) in that chart, and all of them are badly coded Vietnamese comics (manga) apps based on stolen intellectual property (Conan, Dragon Ball).
How is this even possible?

Many users are reporting that their iTunes accounts got hacked, and they found themselves new owners of these applications.

UPDATE #1: It looks like changing your password might not be enough. It’s highly recommended to change your payment method to “None”, at least as a temporary solution until Apple acknowledges the problem and finds a solution.
The updated article found at:

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  1. ShadowSonic2's Avatar
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    Wow. First the iPhone4 was spotted in Vietnam before release. So was a new MacBook and pictures of an iPod Touch with a camera which is still unconfirmed rumours and now, Vietnamese Developer hacks the store.
  2. Stomp_442's Avatar
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    Why doesn't it surprise me that internet technology has gone afoul? Someday, the world economy will crumble due to all the eggs being in the internet basket.