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  1. Happy New Year, everbody!

    by , 12-30-2010 at 11:34 PM (TheBandicootAddict)
    Now, now... I know we still have a great number of hours to go until 2011. However, as I most likely am not online this whole day, this is my post to wish everybody a Happy New Year, and a lot of fun tonight with fireworks and everything (and perhaps a few beers? ).

    2010 has been a very good year to me. Very few low grades, finished my exams and received my credentials, Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been released (), joined WiiHacks on the 23th of May, and most importantly, the ...

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  2. My Slave Harddrive Failed

    by , 12-08-2010 at 10:50 AM (TheBandicootAddict)
    I can't believe this. How come that all of the stuff I have fails to work so early? I have two harddrives in my computer: a master harddrive on which Windows 7 is installed with 120GB of space, and a slave harddrive on which I save about all of my data and files with 1TB of space. Yesterday, the slave harddrive failed for some reason. Some of my data is lost, but there's a fair amount of data I still have on my external harddrive. Sadly, I haven't back-upped any school related files since the end ...

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  3. Sonic Colours [GUIDE]

    by , 11-14-2010 at 05:43 AM (TheBandicootAddict)

    I've finished the game (by far not 100%) and it works perfect.
    See the guide below for further details and instructions.
  4. What would WiiHacks look like if n00bs read this blog?

    by , 10-24-2010 at 10:37 AM (TheBandicootAddict)
    Today, I was looking around in the Newbie Discussion Forums to see what kind of help some new members were asking. Are you curious what I noticed? Most of the threads contain a question which are ALREADY answered like a 100 times. It's painful, and I'm seriously starting get (fill in to your own personal likings ) at some members who don't search. My personal ''favourite'' is something like this:

    hey i accidently updated my we now it wont play my backups and i really want to get ...