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What would WiiHacks look like if n00bs read this blog?

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by , 10-24-2010 at 10:37 AM (2695 Views)
Today, I was looking around in the Newbie Discussion Forums to see what kind of help some new members were asking. Are you curious what I noticed? Most of the threads contain a question which are ALREADY answered like a 100 times. It's painful, and I'm seriously starting get (fill in to your own personal likings ) at some members who don't search. My personal ''favourite'' is something like this:

hey i accidently updated my we now it wont play my backups and i really want to get everything working again could someone point me in the good direction thanks

To which I answer:

Bothered searching...?


yes ive searched but could not find anything sorry (HERE COMES THE EXCUSE ) i am a noob and dont understand wii hacking

WHAT!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? There is a guide for firmware 4.3, which is stickied in the Recommended Guides. I do not know if some members expect us to spoon-feed them as well. The worst part is that I usually do so - I am going to stop with that. I can feel the pain of some members who are very active here, and especially the pain of the moderators. Another funny example is a game that is not working... They do manage to post a thread in the hope to get an answer, but they somehow NEVER SEEM TO FIND THE GUIDE! Does WiiHacks seriously need a big banner on the Home-page, with all questions being answered? Or would it also be an option for a member to SEARCH? Please, use this guide to get the best searchresults, people. It may even give you the answer faster, and it's so much less painful for members and the moderators!!

Now on to another part: the rules.
I see a lot of posts where the word ''download'' is included. Seriously, I have the feeling half of the members who just created an account do not read the rules before posting something. The rules are not written for nothing... Krafter once said something I will dearly remember:

Rules... Read them, love them and follow them...
Yes, that is right!!

Something else that I also see every now and then, is how people create a new thread, where they ask a question that can easily be asked in the guide's thread itself... What's wrong? Can you not just post your question there? WHERE IT BELONGS?

I know...I know... I do not think any new member will read this, but it is worth a shot. So, I hope that a ''n00b'' takes the time to read this, and save us from less frustration. It is not that we do not want to help you, but members are getting full of it that we're answering the same questions over and over again, while some of us may could've answered a healthy question, which has never or almost never been answered.

(Oh yeah, members are also supposed to post a welcomingspost: you will receive a lot of useful links!!!)

Links for n00bies that all contain a LOT of INFORMATION:
THE Rules (not ''the Rules'', but ''THE Rules'' )
Become a master in searching
What you must NEVER do
3.1 - 4.1 Softmod Guide
4.2 Softmod Guide
4.3 Softmod Guide
What's a/an (c)IOS?
Apps and WADs explained
Error Index
List of Problematic Games
Extracting IOS needed for a game

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    IMHO as a Newbie I understand that it is bothersome for some of you to answer the same question one thousand times but I believe that you need to give understanding to newbies not all of us have the same learning ability yet we have the will to try and the desire to achieve, its not that we want everything easy (some of us do) but we also have to deal with the learning of the inside lingo,fear that our issue might be a little different that whatever its already answered in the forums. this very same situation is exactly the same affecting other websites is like if people get tired of helping others probably the best thing to do is to encourage the ones that are learning to share and help the newbies as soon as they can. some newbies will come and go just for the info. but others will stay with the communitty. I think is a very friendly communitty probably because Ive been cursed too many times in others websites(different content) also is very clean of foul language for me is very remarkable.
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