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Apple Patent Application to Kill Jailbroken Devices

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by , 08-22-2010 at 11:34 AM (2015 Views)
While, legal to do so under current US Copyright laws, Apple has escalated its efforts to prevent iDevice owners from jailbreaking their devices. Apple has a patent application, filed in 2009, but just published last week entitled "Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device." The patent application is for a number of security measures that would automatically protect the device from "unauthorized users".

The patent application describes such safety measures as locking the device and erasing sensitive information when triggered by particular activities that may indicate suspicious behavior. The activities deemed suspicious include removal of the SIM card, unlocking the device, hacking and jailbreaking. Apple reported an intention to warn iDevice owners via either Email or text message upon detection of the activity.

Measures to identify the unauthorized user included activation of the camera and geotagging the area. Of interest was information about comparing the photo, voice, and heartbeat characteristics of the current user to that of the authorized user.

Hmmm, submission of your personal biometric data as part of purchasing and registering your iDevice is in your future.

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  1. s0ur's Avatar
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    Talk about apple putting their iron fist on devices you yourself have purchased. :shakes head at apple:
  2. Gen3SF's Avatar
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    I am reminded of an Avengers episode (a British TV program from the '60s) where the improved Cybernauts in Return of the Cybernauts tracked their targets by their heartbeat patterns (ECG). In the first appearance of the Cybernauts, they followed a transmitter signal planted on an item the victim wore such as Steed's watch or Mrs Peel's bracelet.
  3. messie's Avatar
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    Apple?? no, thanks. I'd rather keep my personal info for myself...