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Post-Modded Life

Post-Modded Life v4 - "Need" Your Wii to be Portable?

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by , 05-06-2010 at 11:26 PM (10002 Views)
Are there any out there who refuse to leave town, go on vacation, or visit friends and family because of Wii-related separation anxiety? Or need to keep the kids entertained in the back seat while you search for the exit for that remote camping spot? Maybe too many fighting over the one available television in the house? The Intec Wii Portable Screen System allows you to make your beloved Wii a mobile gaming system that can be played in the car and at your vacation destination. The Portable Wii Screen can allow for Wii game play when the television isn't available for you.

The Intec Portable Gaming Screen for the Wii is a 7-inch LCD 16:9 color game screen that attaches to the Wii console. The Portable Wii Game Screen can swivel 360 degrees for viewing from a variety of angles. The Portable Gaming Screen system has its own integrated or built-in wireless sensor bar and built-in speakers. The front panel has volume control, brightness and contrast adjustment, and inputs for RCA audio-video, component video, and S-video.

To transform your Wii console into a portable gaming system, dock the Wii in the side of the Intec Portable LCD Screen. The Wii console connections and ports at the back of the Wii are replicated on the Portable Game Screen so you can plug in your Nintendo power cable and any of your USB devices. Extra AV connections are provided that should allow a DVD or other media player to be used. After powering the Wii on, just flip the Game Screen up, make any needed viewing adjustments, and start playing.

For playing in an automobile, the Intec Wii Portable Gaming Screen kit also includes a car headrest attachment and vehicle power adapter.
As mentioned previously, the screen can swivel 360 degrees allowing myriad viewing angles. The Wii Portable Gaming Screen also offers 180-degree reverse image and an up/down picture control is available in the event one wishes to mount the Wii into the roof of the motor vehicle and thus needing the unit to fold down rather up.

When not in use or while moving the Wii from location to location, the screen folds down flat on top of the Wii console, protecting the screen from damage:
While providing the benefit and freedom of portability for your cherished Wii, don't forget that it is only a 7-inch screen so small game elements will be rather difficult to see. Choose your travel or road games with this in mind. Also, there is no battery-powered option.

The Intec Wii Portable Game Screen sells for about USD $110-130 and is available at Target,,, and other vendors.

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  1. MWisBest's Avatar
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    If only I had $110. I would so buy this.
  2. Gen3SF's Avatar
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    @MWisBest-take a look at the used section for, I quoted the new prices from established large vendors I saw. While researching the info for this issue of the blog, I saw some used versions and even new for much less. I just checked Amazon and I see a price of $85.00 new from a vendor named Auction Depot but fulfilled by AND eligible for Prime Shipping.
  3. wiiLike2Hacks's Avatar
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    I would definitely purchase an LCD for the Wii -- if by Hori
  4. manddd's Avatar
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    How very cool.