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Post-Modded Life

Post-Modded Life v2 - Case Modding

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by , 04-13-2010 at 05:43 PM (5967 Views)
After many hundreds of hours in front of your modded Wii, suddenly you stop in mid-swing and stare with new eyes at your skillfully-modded Wii. Something seems off. Hmmm, mods all working, your power levels are sky high…hmmm, what could it be? Aha, the plain off-the-shelf mono-colored Wii no longer suits your persona of gaming magnificence. You are in the mood for a case mod. How fortunate for you that there are a number of options to indulge that new desire to have the Wii's appearance reflect your gaming prowess.

Change Wii DVD LED Drive Slot Color

This is one of the cheapest and easiest of the case mods. This option involves a replacement for the Wii’s front faceplate by a device such as the DVD Gate also known as Wii Gate. One simply removes the 4 screws securing the front faceplate of the Wii and snaps in the DVD Gate. The DVD Gate sells in the range of USD $10.00 and is available in red or green:

Wii Console Skin

Skins are applied directly to the Wii console to change its appearance. Good quality skin kits use high-resolution art-quality designs or solid colors that are printed on premium adhesive-backed vinyl that is then sealed with either a glossy or matte (low-gloss) protective enamel coating. Good quality skins can also be removed without leaving any harmful residue on the console. Application of a skin will also cover any scratches or minor dings that have occurred during your exuberant Wii game playing and provide some protection against future scratches or nicks. Do not buy any paper-based skins as these are not durable and are thicker than the good quality vinyl skins. The good quality vinyl skins will last longer and also not obstruct DVD insertion or plugs.

Most skins can be easily removed after application so one can change the Wii's appearance according to one's whim, the season, a new playing partner, or dumping an old playmate. One added benefit is that matching skins for the Wiimote, nunchuck, and even the classic controller are available for many designs. Some Wii skin vendors also offer customized service in the event that no stock design tickles your fancy.
The Wii console skin will cost about USD $15.00 and about $5.00 for each Wiimote/nunchuck add-on.

Replace the Wii Console Case

There are several choices to consider when replacing the Wii case; among these are single solid color case or a clear case with LED light display.

Single Solid Color: One can opt for a solid single-color case replacement. Color choices include blue, silver, black, clear, chrome, green, pink, red, and yellow:

SFIMG00002952.jpg ................ SFIMG00001981.jpg ............... cn-wii-xicg.jpg

The Ronin series of case replacements also allows for such options as changing the DVD drive slot LED color, removable doors, and a special rear access panel that eases exit of cables and provides access for future modifications.

LED Color Display: There are also case replacements with either a clear case or with cutouts to allow LEDs to shine out and dazzle your friends and family with either a single- or multi-color show. The ii Chameleon Case rotates between more than 6 colors. Other single color versions of LED light-display Wii console cases include light blue, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, and red.

SFIMG00002080.jpg ............................... a20792a1247b7ffe38630a_m.jpg

A new variation of the ii Case is the Hot Rock Case that has a built-in LED thermometer. Color changes signal the temperature of the Wii console in 5 degree increments. When the internal temperature of the Wii console exceeds 55 degrees Celsius or 131 degrees Fahrenheit, the LED will be RED and start flashing to alert the Wii owner to turn off the Wii and check for a problem that might have caused the heating issue. The color gradients progression is light blue, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and then flashing red as described previously.


The replacement cases range in price from about USD $30.00 to $65.00, depending on the options chosen and most come preassembled with online instructions on disassembling your Wii console and replacing it with your new pride-n-joy console.

Specialty or Custom Painting

One can also look for a local vendor that specializes in painting PC desktops and laptops; these folks will also paint your Wii console to either your own design or one of their shop stock designs.


For skins, just Google and you will see a number of sites that specialize in skins for every kind of device, including the Wii console. Wii console skins are also available through Amazon and eBay, albeit with more limited selections available than by going to a vendor site directly.

A vendor carrying the DVD Gate and the various console case replacements described in this Blog is

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  1. Soapyjoe's Avatar
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    nice didn't know about the front cover coming off so easily as I just got a broken wii that has the power button depressed and not popping up. At least this will save me some time modding it and getting it back and working. Might even invest in a case
  2. Favs's Avatar
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    If only you could get custom Wii stands kinda like the WODEs because that would be cool.
  3. Gen3SF's Avatar
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    The vendor mentioned in the Blog carries the Evolve Stealth Assassin line of Wii Bases. That's a replacement Wii console stand and comes in colors that match the Talismoon Evolve line of replacment Wii console cases. Costs about USD $10.00.

    There is also a replacement console stand that comes with blue LED lights-couldn't find too much info on it and it had a very poor picture. The site I saw that on while doing research for this Blog issue was

    You can also use the skin vendors for a custom Wii console stand look that matches your console design-essentially go for a complete matched set with console, stand, Wiimote/nunchuck/classic controller using the skin option.
  4. wiiLike2Hacks's Avatar
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    Just last weekend I installed the XCM black Knight case and I love it!

    The DVD Gates look to be an awesome addition to my Wii-mod; if I add the red one, my Wii would look a little like KIT from Knight Rider! Can't wait to pick that up. Nice lil' write up; I recommend everyone to continue customizing their Wii's after the soft/hard-mods.
  5. Gamestuff's Avatar
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    First off, just want to say AWESOME writeup gen3sf and thanks for the props, greatly appreciate it! Just a note on the "Evolve" lineup, they are slowly being discontinued so becoming a little rarer by the day. a few of the colors previously available are now gone.

    wiiLike2Hacks, nice case!! Same one i use myself and your write it looks AWESOME with the red DVD gate!

    As a special bonus, and as a thank for the guys here on Wiihacks i've generated a coupon code for 5% off any of the products on our website. Enjoy!

    Coupon Code: " wiihacksisfun"
  6. Gen3SF's Avatar
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    Thanks very much for taking the time to read my Blog post, your compliments, and for offering our members a 5% coupon code. Your generosity and support of WiiHacks is much appreciated.
  7. Gen3SF's Avatar
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    Thanks for posting your photo of the Black Knight case replacement, wiilike2hacks. I wanted to include it in the Blog post but ran into the limit on the number of attachments. I definitely agree that to stop customizing the Wii at the hard- or softmod stage is to miss out on so much. That is the purpose of the Post-Mod Blog. I hope readers will either learn something useful and fun, adopt a few presented ideas, or maybe even become inspired to go exploring on their own after reading this Blog series.

    Thanks again for sharing your Black Knight case mod; should look very great with that red DVD Gate.
  8. streetsurfer158's Avatar
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    Whoa... check this out.

    This vinyl stick on skin set is going for $2.99 USD, bids starting at $0.99

    I think I just might order one.
  9. streetsurfer158's Avatar
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    *this skin is being sold on ebay
  10. wiiLike2Hacks's Avatar
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    Thanks for the discount, Gamestuff. We really appreciate it.

    You're welcome, gen3sf! I hope to see more mods from other members of our community
  11. ModderMan's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by gen3sf
    Thanks very much for taking the time to read my Blog post, your compliments, and for offering our members a 5% coupon code. Your generosity and support of WiiHacks is much appreciated.

    Just wanted to add:

    Wiihacks only recommended vendor for case mods is

    They are not sponsors here...However they are honest and quick and we have only had praise from the customers that have dealt with them with customizations over the years

    You get the best service/support/price from

    Modderman ~
    Updated 04-17-2010 at 06:10 PM by ModderMan