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Sunkey Fusion 3 in 1 mini review

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by , 05-16-2010 at 03:27 AM (3184 Views)
Heres my mini review of the Sunkey fusion 3 in 1 modchip which supports the following chipsets DMS,D2A,D2B,D2C,D2C2 and D2E and please be nice as I'm pretty bad at this sort of thing.

First up it costs less than its current competitors which in itself is a good thing as they havn't sacrified the quality of the chip to cut back on costs.

It comes with 3 possible ways to install and 2 diferent modes to choose from which can be changed in real time with the flick of an external switch which allows for SunKey mode with 3x read speed or D2Sun mode with 6x read speed. The installation methods include the relatively simple Wii Clip and solderless install methods to the slightly more complicated soldered method.

The chip is fully updateable so that it will be able to support problematic games which have slowly started emerging with the inclusion of BCA protection such as New Super Mario Bros., the updates are easily installed using the NERO Dual Programmer which is included with the chip.

The chip has 2 LEDs to indicate its working and based on the few tests I was able to conduct with my available tools and games I was extremely pleased with my findings and the results.

* Original Wii games loaded and played fine without any errors.
* Wii backups all worked as if I was using my original store bought discs.
* GC games played without any problems and loaded fine.
* 2 disc GC games worked perfectly fine.
* GC backups worked fine without any errors and so did the 2 disc ones.

Some things I was unable to try and because of that am unable to provide info on include.

* Testing dual layer Wii games.
* Testing the GC streaming audio fix while the chip is in D2Sun mode.
* Testing the sunkey mode.
* Region free capabilities for both Wii and GC.


If your looking an affordable, reliable and extremely diverse modchip which is easy to install, update and use this is definately the one I would recommend as it just gets the job done without the need for loading ios along with all the other complicated and pointless crap involved with a softmod which if done wrong will leave you with a nice shiny brick.


P.S. to the hardcore softmod users, if you've never used a chip then don't waste my time with irrelevent posts saying softmods are better.

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    Nicely done.