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Repairing a broken bluetooth module

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by , 01-21-2011 at 04:40 AM (2541 Views)
Today I revived 6 broken bluetooth modules. Turned out the serial eeprom needed to be reprogrammed.
So I took a working module, read the eeprom and programmed the eeprom of the not functioning bluetooth module and bingo it worked again.
The catch is you have to remove the eeprom to read and write to it correctly and you need an eeprom programmer that supports the m24c32-s eeprom (that is what I am using on my vp-190 programmer.)
It works like a charm although I managed to ruin already 2 bluetooth cards with my hot air station by blowing away my bluetooth chip

I am going to revive about 20 more of those modules soon

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    TSSOP8 adapter

    3 Pcs SMD CONVERTER ADAPTER PCB TSSOP/MSOP Convert DIP8 on eBay (end time 18-Feb-11 07:35:38 GMT)

    makes for easy use in a universal programmer.

    However, I definitely didn't have an ST chip in the one I opened, however they should both work using the same setting as its going to be the same algorithm
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