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uLoader by Hermes

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by , 07-15-2010 at 12:29 AM (9410 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Cile View Post
[Loading Your VC/Wiiware]
(more info on vc/wiiware emulation is in the guide above)

VC/Wiiware is easy on uLoader installs the wad like wad good.....

So all you need to do is make these folders:



Put the wads(games) you want in the install folder in...i put 23 of my an it took 15-20 min....

Plug in the sd or usb load up will start installing the games .......

If you get cant find reinstall the wad same goes if you get ES_Identify error..(thats what fixed mine)

Copying the FS dump seems simple(lol so i thought) but wont work it ll show the game but you ll get error until you install it with uloader.(i did copy most of the files from my fs dump into the uLoader folders hehe)....

Install v5.1 ios224 with ios57 as base(It will also Load Faster)


It didnt work with v4 222/223.......
(dont know about 222/223 v5 didnt feel like installing i had 224v5.1 installed and worked a treat)


Remember Format Fat32=32kb Clusters

There you go no need for [sneek]has other valuable uses,triiforce or iso forwarding

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  1. h4ck3rj4x's Avatar
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    Great tutorial. But where oh where please can I get that middle finger
  2. Cile's Avatar
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    # UP (Digital Pad): Select / change four different icons for the pointer (skull, hook, life jackets and hand) with two different sizes (32 x 32 pixels and 64 x 64 pixels)
  3. amps's Avatar
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    Is this the entire guide? Am I missing something? I'm assuming you have to actually put your nand in the usb:/nand directory after you dump it and decrypt it? All the folders I mean. Any specific settings in uLoader?
  4. randomalias's Avatar
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    is this compatable with all wiiware titles or is it based on triforce like the iso forwarding which lead to the same games not working for any option?


    ive been watching uloader for awhile but the GUI is... amateurish (at best) compared to wii flow thus i havent used it, however if it works for all wiiware i might use this for wiiware and load wii titles from wiiflow.... unless theres a better wiiflow type GUI on the horizon? for easy of use this is two steps forward, but the interface(presently) is just as many steps or more backwards.
  5. Cile's Avatar
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    no you dont need to dump your fs dump in nand just make those folder and add the wads in the install folder.....

  6. randomalias's Avatar
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    really Cile? you know when?

    you just made my day... now i am debating on even messing with uloader lol
  7. thatfloorguy's Avatar
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    Wow, I can't believe it is this easy. I failed miserably trying to use triforce. I even used my original nand from my mod as well as fs dumper, neither provided success. Thanks Cile.
  8. thatfloorguy's Avatar
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    I have tried countless times to just edit, but cannot. Anyway Thanks again. All ww/vc up and running in just a few minutes. LMAO @ Triforce
  9. NewYears1978's Avatar
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    Cile Rocks, great tutorial, works great for most all games I try..some games lock up, but still
  10. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
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    Damn, that background music sure gets annoying. Isn't there a way to change it? xD
    It doesn't bother me too much though, but if there is a way to disable it, or change it, I would be glad to hear it... :p
  11. Cile's Avatar
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    I know that song is annoying

    there has to be .mod file just call it music.mod.....and put it in the uloader folder...

    if you want to change the background it has to be 640x480 png ....and call it background.png