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Hermes rev5 support is here

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by , 02-24-2010 at 07:08 AM (6591 Views)
Hermes rev5 support is here

posted Feb 23, 2010 9:25 AM by Marinos 35 USB Loader GX rev914 is out and fully supports Hermes cIOS 222/223/224 rev5. Here is the changelog:

* Added Hermes rev5 support! (issue 1438)
* Updated to Hermes usb storage code
* Fixed some bugs in ntfs while writing timestamps, resulting in different hashes (dimok)
* Fixed codedump when switching partitions (issue 1454)
* Fixed graphical glitch on 4:3 screens, where the prefetch cover was visible in the coverwall
* Fixed a bug with installing games, due to the switch to C++ (dimok)

By the way, Wii Game Manager bug fixing version has been release. Check the downloads for link.

PS: A quote from Waninkoko: "Rev18 release is going to be this week. Maybe the weekend..."

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  1. cybercrud's Avatar
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    Excellent! I wonder if there will be any good reason to upgrade from Rev14 to Rev18?
  2. Stomp_442's Avatar
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    Have you installed Hermes v5 and played any songs all the way thru with GH5?
    I've seen reports at the USB Loader CFG thread that the game crashes, just wondering if USB Loader GX crashes. I use CFG and I'm gonna give it a try.
  3. Cile's Avatar
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    yes i did tested gh5 beatles and rock band all worked i unpluged my hd when i did install so i dont know if it wipes out the hard drive to much work putting it back together so didnt feel like it lol
  4. cybercrud's Avatar
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    I would assume the DLC issues still exist from USB HDDs, right?