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Why you should always make a back-up

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by , 12-21-2010 at 08:32 AM (2456 Views)
Just an hour ago, I sat down behind my wii, turned it on and started USB Loader GX. It loaded just fine, but when I tried to run Klonoa, the screen turned black. That was very strange, I had been to a friend this very same day and had taken my USB drive with me and had shown him the game, because I thought it might be fun for his little sister and it had worked just fine. There were two possibilities: or the game had somehow become damaged/corrupted on the drive, or it was because my wii had cIOSX rev19 installed, instead of cIOS38 rev17 that was installed on the wii of my friend.

I tried loading Klonoa again, but this time using cIOS223. It blackscreened again. I started USB Loader GX and it asked me to select a partition. My heart sank. I knew that the WBFS partition had probably become corrupted and that I had probably lost everything. I tried selecting the correct partition, but it immediately crashed. I tried loading the disc using Wii Game Manager, but to no avail. In other words: I lost all the games that were on the disc.

Luckily, I still had a back-up from a while ago, but it didn't contain all the games. I sat down and though about it and remembered that one of my friends had almost all the games that were missing. I called him and we agreed we would visit eachother to fix things up. That left me with 5 games that were still missing. I began searching throught the pile of old disc back-ups and fond 3 of them. That left me with 2 games that were missing.

I took a look on my laptop and discovered that I had forgotten to delete one of the missing games, so that left me with one missing game.\

Moral of the story? Always make back-ups! Sure, I didn't have a back-up of every game and things still turned out well, but that was just sheer luck. I know it takes long, certainly when you need to scrub the games and compress them to save room. But still, it's worth every minute of your time. It has happened to me before that my drive crashed, but those times, my back-up still contained all the games. But time went on, I got new games and I never took the time to make a new back-up, maily because my little brother would be annoyed (note: this is a severe understatement) because it would take so long.

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  1. Traceable's Avatar
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    Damn, it's always good to not trust your HDDs.
  2. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
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    I buy all of my games, like everybody should (;)), and then immediatley install them to the harddrive. I then put them in my deskdrawer, so that I can't lose or damage them. In case my harddrive fails, I can always install all of the games again. :) I never need to worry about losing a game or something, as I always have the original DVDs. :D