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Wish me luck - a wii quest

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by , 02-26-2010 at 02:06 AM (848 Views)
Well, since getting my wii at xmas and joining this site in January, I've learned so much and gotten so far.

Having sucessfully taken my fresh 4.0E through a softmod, updated to 4.1E and installed all the lovely features I wanted, I've realised there wasn't much more for me to do apart from perhaps the odd IOS required for games.

Thing is i've definately caught the wii bug, and having modded/hacked most of the electronic gizmos in my home (and car) and I needed a new project to keep the grey matter going.

So I got myself down to ebay and watched and waited until I felt I had found one which would possibly accept bootmi as boot2. I've always loved coding and the highs/lows that come with the problems you get and thought that with all this opensource code available I might start to tinker with that side of things.

Obviously as long as I can get bootmii as boot2 I will have the luxury of NAND restore and feel a little more comfortable beta testing others code or writing my own.

The console is an LEH109XXXXXX and the only problem It was listed as having was not loading games from disc.

It finally arrived yesterday (65 GBP inc del) and I 'couldn't wait to rip er open' LOL.

It's on 3.1E and according to the 'messages' last time it was used was sept 2008! Pretty sure it wasn't modded so i thought 'bang wii sports in and update to 4.1E'.

Wii sports loaded but didn't ask for an update, it went on on to choose a game etc but when you do..

Wow, the drive unit sounded more like a food processer! (and disc reading failed error etc..).

Hmm so why no update - Parental lock is on! (found a link to get master unlock etc so no problem doing that tonight).

I'm quite proud that I managed to open it up (without any guide) and found a few loose bits of plastic floating around and one of the 4 drive screws was about to fall out.

Might as well check what drive i'ts got while i'm here - GC2-D1 (seems to be an elusive one and cant confirm If it will play backup discs).

I tightened up the screw, patched it all together and........... Yikes, that sounds RUFF!!

Now no game loading at all, instant failure.

Oh well, reading around it appears that it may just be a case of adjusting those 4 drive screws untill I hit the sweet spot.

So the questions (in order of importance for soft modding) are:

1. If I cant get the drive to read a disc (in order to get to 4.1E that way) is there anything I can run from SD to get HBC on in order to update via NUSD?

2. Can this drive motherboard allow backup discs to be run?

3. Can I just swap out the drive from my spanking new wii just long enough to run the update? (ie is the firmware backward compatible)

My plan of action at this moment seems to be

a) Unlock parental code to allow updates.

b) Hopefully get the drive to a point that it will at least read disc to allow update to 4.1

c) If that fails swap out the drive from my new wii to get the update and thus HBC etc running

d) If compatible and the GC2-D1 does allow play from backups, swap the drive motherboard as well
as swapping the drive out.

e) End up with two working wiis, one of which will be run from HDD only, the other with a working DVD backup player and bootmii as boot2.

e) Go onto delve into the mysteries of coding for the wii!!!

Progress reports and links to specific questions answered will be posted in this blog.

First 'questions' post, abridged version of what you just read, can be found here

Keep you posted if you haven't all !

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  1. trekster's Avatar
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    good luck
  2. bigjat69's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by trekster
    good luck
    Thanks mate.

    I can confirm the following (Thanks to Tealc)

    1. I AM a real Dumb@$* sometimes

    2. I don't need the DVD drive to update (see 1. above)

    3. Should get bootmii as boot2

    4. GC2-D1 will play backup -DVDR and so GC discs.

    (Will think about swapping the motherboard if I can't patch up the current drive)

    Well, thats my Friday night sorted!