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  1. Happy New Year, everbody!

    by , 12-30-2010 at 11:34 PM (TheBandicootAddict)
    Now, now... I know we still have a great number of hours to go until 2011. However, as I most likely am not online this whole day, this is my post to wish everybody a Happy New Year, and a lot of fun tonight with fireworks and everything (and perhaps a few beers? ).

    2010 has been a very good year to me. Very few low grades, finished my exams and received my credentials, Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been released (), joined WiiHacks on the 23th of May, and most importantly, the ...

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  2. Wii for X-Mas?? - Welcome to - Newbies / Beginners read here

  3. Win an Invite to PWN!

    by , 12-28-2010 at 04:33 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by namyarb3 View Post
    OK. Here's the deal. I was lucky enough to win the secret santa drawing here on WiiHacks. The prize was invites to an AWESOME torrent tracking website. Sweet, and thanks again for the goods!!
    This user asked wiihacks staff to set aside his drawing prize. He wished to have us reassign it to another wiihacks user. This is his way of doing it. Inserted as an obligatory remark, specifically relating to traditional site rules and PWN rules (we don't want to see this user banned, ...

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  4. [Tutorial] The Ultimate Emulation Guide Part 1 - The Consoles

    by , 12-27-2010 at 05:39 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkcide666 View Post
    In this series of guides I will show you all of the emulation possibilities for the Wii. Starting with the grandfathers like the 2600 going up to fifth gen like the N64 and then some. Part one will cover consoles, part two will cover handhelds and arcade, part three will cover PC, and part four will cover anything else like ScummVM. If there are multiple emulators for a platform I will only be covering my favorite one.

    The full guide/article can be found here.
  5. Thursday's Smoke-out

    by , 12-24-2010 at 11:29 PM
    So this past Thursday I got volunteered to smoke up some food for a potluck at my mom's office. The potluck was at 12pm, so that meant I needed the food to be ready and on the grill pretty early. Unfortunately I've also been having some sleeping issues these past couple weeks, so I ended up asleep around 4 and up around 7 that day lol.

    So what was for lunch?

    I present you the guests of honor

    These 4 tri-tips have been marinated ...
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