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  1. Jasons34's Avatar
    Look at the Yankees payroll. Not to mention all the Yankees players both past and present that have used steriods. And even when the owner expects the team to win the World Series every year, that says alot.
  2. Jax's Avatar
    Really they buy The World Series ....I Am Intrigued. Proof Please.

    To compare them to Another sport And/Or Team , Out of Baseball is Ridiculous.

    I do Agree However With..."You either Love Or Hate Them". But, That's With Any Team.(Isn't It:confused:)
  3. Jasons34's Avatar
    I cant stand the Yankees. They are the kind of team you either love or hate. Its like the Dallas Cowboys or LA Lakers or basketball. I honestly did not think the Rangers would beat the Yankees. I mean the Yankees basically buy their World Series. I also did not think the Giants would beat the Phillies. The Phillies just stopped hitting during the playoffs. Still I would be surprised if the Giants beat the Rangers. The Rangers have been solid all post season and the Giants had some problems against the Braves.
  4. Jax's Avatar
    I am sadden by the outcome of the Series , between The Yankees And The Rangers.

    I believe however the Best Team won . May your Team Win in The World Series.

    Hey! They Did beat One of The Best Teams.

  5. StillLurkin's Avatar
    Rangers ftw.
  6. MWisBest's Avatar
    My favorite team is the Cardinals and I'd like to see the Rangers win too.