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  1. Bliepo's Avatar
    This program is fairly old. It's better to use Cleanrip.
  2. homebrewhacker's Avatar
    I mean does it hurt the disk?
  3. homebrewhacker's Avatar
    Does it hurt the disk?
  4. kayrontwamms's Avatar
    hi i'm unable to back wii games to usb only sd super dump on wii states(unable to initialize usb is device present?) and I know that usb and usb port on wii work ..any suggestions
  5. MiiWii702's Avatar
    Knowledge is a gift and all that hard work will come back to reward you one day.
  6. Neal Camerlengo's Avatar
    I guess nintendo have not learned their lesson from the pwoer glove.
  7. xploding's Avatar
    Hi, Do you think it will be possible to take the bluetooth module without a full tear down? from the images It seems possible, but i have not opened the wii yet, maybe its packed down tight.
  8. Wickid-Vulture's Avatar
    if you must compile that means source code right? so cant it still continue?
  9. iEdd's Avatar
    What about his quote from here:

    Quote Originally Posted by crediar
    DIOS-MIOS is officially discontinued!
    The google code page may still be active (albeit private) and looked at by some, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  10. ShadowSonic2's Avatar
    Can't say wether its been discontinued or not. Don't think he killed the google code page, he made it set to private. Error 403 is a permissions error so that means its set to not allow public to use it. Think the idea is prevent newbies from getting their hands on it since its advanced and has a low capability as its in early stages of development.
  11. iEdd's Avatar
    This is dead and discontinued now, right?

    Sure sucks for the donators that the guy killed the google code page which leads me to believe no one can continue the project.

    Maybe SD Gecko is the only option for D2-3 drives...
  12. silen's Avatar
    i recently bought a new wii on black friday this year. i could not resist the advantages it had. so yeah i bought one and i have done softmod on many wii b4. this one came with 4.3u not much of a problem because it can still be hack. once i was done hacking it i was able to play games from via usb. but now i cant launch original games from the wii ch. i can only launch them from neogamma or any kind of loader.
  13. ganoderma's Avatar
    You might want to update the links to the graphics contest, both links go to the photography contest
  14. Stomp_442's Avatar
    I could remember reading in my local newspaper a while ago, about somebody that would use cooking grease that restaurants tossed out to the trash, as fuel. Of course the grease needed to have something do to it to be able to be used as fuel.

    Vegetable oil fuel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  15. Bliepo's Avatar
    A interesting read. Although I am a bit sceptical about the global warming affair, I nevertheless believe that it is important to lower our use of fossil fuels, even if it is just to create a healthier and more comfortable environment. In my eyes, biofuel is one of the few viable options to the energy dilemma the modern world is facing. It frustrates me, that we still continue to use fossil fuels, even though there are alternatives. I believe the main problem is attitude, instead of available technologies, although improvement is certainly desirable.
    I hope we will see a world that doesn't depend on fossil fuels in the near future!
  16. xtremeviewer's Avatar
    has any one tested this? just want to see if it has been verified as working, this looks like the easiest of all options
  17. McCool100's Avatar
    Whoah. I should have seen this sooner. I had to freakin' install Parallels Desktop and then install Windows 7 and then Wii Scrubber just to scrub a game. Fail...Haha
  18. skellinator's Avatar
    I love the concept. It doesn't look like it works on many games though. It will be nice when it all works. I may give it a shot, I have boot2 8-)
  19. Bliepo's Avatar
    With bootmii/boot2 I care little about stable XD I am starting it right now.
  20. worzel gummidge's Avatar
    mmm think i will wait until more stable
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