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  1. narse1979's Avatar
    what people do for fun hey
  2. crimghost's Avatar
    This story is popping up everywhere. Does Apple really want this kind of free publicity? Idk. This search seems a major over-reaction to me. He gave the phone back to Apple already. The pictures posted... are water water under the bridge. Also, Chen is a form of journalist. Isn't he protected legally against this kind of harassment? It's the new iPressCharges from Apple.
  3. Dogeggs's Avatar
    Astraweb have upped retention to 600+ days!
  4. crazycastle's Avatar
    Well done all. I did wonder how long it would be until one of those four would get mod positions, and all deservedly so! The level of advice they give is outstanding and a massive resource in itself.
  5. alphabot's Avatar
    I don't think you missed a beat there. That's a decent, complete guide. I've been doing this for 10+ years. Usenet is like fight club like dat. Lots more HD video and lossless music than there used to be.

    I use a diff provider (for their search features; yours beats their retention by far), but for just NNTP without going thru a browser, any old provider will do. Best part? The speed beats torrents any day of the week.

    btw, there are apps for every part of this on the mac side of the force, altho their best usenet app ala GrabIt is Unison and it's payware. The utils and such are all open/freeware on the mac.

    Also, I've never had luck burning isos with toast, but like other faqs say, just burn with Disk Utility. For me, it bangs 'em out flawlessly every time.
  6. hodgy's Avatar
    awesome cheers for this, been meaning to get into usenet. fed up with slow torrents is a nice and easy to follow guide