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  1. aussieguy.'s Avatar
    save, save, save, & save again, & backup. You can never save & back up things enough. I decide what stuff I am not bothered about if I loose, for vital stuff I back up on external drives each week.

    I also use a recovery program called stella pheonix
  2. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
    Thanks, all, for your suggestions. And thank you, Krank, for deleting the useless spam. :)
    I couldn't reply at all as I'm extremely busy with school, and my internet connection is really poor last week.

    I've finally managed to get in my harddrive by using the freezer method, and I now have most of my data back using EASEUS Backup Wizard.
    Some files were corrupted, including a PlayStation emulator Memory Card with a lot of savegames on it (Yes, a LOT. Maybe a total of 350 hours gameplay??), a very few school-related files and some other stuff. Luckily I got the most important files back, including various passwords and videoprojects, on which I am working for about four weeks already.

    Thanks again. :)
  3. silent1's Avatar
    don't open the hard drive you never will a have a full clean room like a labor if you open it your drive is death !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. silent1's Avatar
    get hirens boot cd 12.00 this cd has all apps you need fallow the instruction you have to boot from cd you will get all files back
    this cd is a life saver
  5. Traceable's Avatar
    Recuva is a good file recover.
  6. summersyn's Avatar
    This may seem like basic troubleshooting and you may have attempted it already, but do you have a SATA external enclosure you can attempt to use? I had a problem with the power on my 2tb SATA drive, and I was able to use my external enclosure from my Wii to troubleshoot (turns out the sole SATA power on my PSU is failing, now using PATA to SATA power converter).
  7. Carlos36's Avatar
    Why dont you try Easus in the master Hard drive ? you might have kept some data in there temporarily and then moved it to the slave. depending in your budget and in the value of the data you might opt to send it to a lab. I sent mine to ONTRACKDATARECOVERY. and they gave a crazy quote for $1800 to $2600. so I told them no way! and I sent it to ecodatarecovery and for $149.99 and after a week of wait they said it was impossible to recover because it had extensive damage to the platter surface. so I took it home and I could recover about (5% but most of it was damaged) from the actual bad drive and the rest of the recovery was done with easus in the "master drive mostly" and in the camera sd cards. my data was mostly family pictures and I did try the freezer thing too but that didnt help.
  8. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. As I said, really only the BIOS detects both harddrives, but nothing running on Windows or a bootable Linux CD does. Have tried it with two other computers, but no luck. It does the same as my computer does; only the BIOS detects it.

    I also believe I have a good chance of reviving my files, but one wrong action could ruin it all, so I'd like to proceed with caution, as there are some very improtant files on the harddrive. Since the harddrive decided to not respond, I opened up the computer and removed it from the motherboard. I cleaned up the whole computer, including the CPU-cooler (which by the way seems to have a good impact on the processing speed :)), and reconnected all the cables. Re-attached the harddrive to the motherboard, and then it did click for a while, but that doesn't surprise me, or else I believe the BIOS wouldn't even detect the harddrive. If I can't get into the harddrive via any software, I will give the freezer a shot, but I don't think it will fix it, though. I have used this method with a few older harddrives, and can't really imagine it works well with the newer ones.

    Anyway, thanks for your reply again. I hope I can just access the drive for a little while, 'cause that's all I need, since these files aren't big at all. :)
    Updated 12-08-2010 at 12:22 PM by InvincibleSloth
  9. Carlos36's Avatar
    the EASUS software have helped me, in the past I could recover about 95% of my data( I found it very disorganized )with that but it took me sometime to go over all the EASUS recovered files if your computer can't see it maybe you should try another computer( i mean a different version of windows or maybe linux). I believe you have a good chance to recover your stuff. I suggest you try the freezer thing it might work. now if you go crazy and want to opened it to check the head just do it in a clean environment and that should be your very last option. I wish you good luck. is it clicking?
    Updated 12-08-2010 at 12:03 PM by Carlos36
  10. mizzeeboy's Avatar
    so bandi did you get you wii replaced because the same thing happened to me
  11. SarimsterX's Avatar
    I knew you would know, I hereby give you title of the wii guru.
  12. mauifrog's Avatar
    They are found in the link I posted. Also you can make your own with an app found in the nand programming thread in the brick section, this would allow you to use your wii SN. You can also backup your setting.txt with the app linked in my prior post.
  13. hauhuynh's Avatar
    where to download setting.txt
  14. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
    Thanks, mauifrog. I understand what went wrong now. It makes sense now. I was totally clueless. :D
  15. mauifrog's Avatar
    When the system menu is uninstalled, the setting.txt is removed/currupted. Simply extract to a formated sd card. Copy the pal or ntsc setting.txt to sd:\ Boot the wii, system settings replace mod will load, then use a gc-controller and replace the setting.txt. You can verify this issue by viewing the system configuration with a syscheck or MMM, you will notice that the wii region is unknown and the wii will not boot the system menu. After replacing the setting.txt, the wii should boot normally.
  16. SarimsterX's Avatar
    Interesting..maybe our brick expert mauifrog could shed some light on this.
  17. Carlos36's Avatar
    IMHO as a Newbie I understand that it is bothersome for some of you to answer the same question one thousand times but I believe that you need to give understanding to newbies not all of us have the same learning ability yet we have the will to try and the desire to achieve, its not that we want everything easy (some of us do) but we also have to deal with the learning of the inside lingo,fear that our issue might be a little different that whatever its already answered in the forums. this very same situation is exactly the same affecting other websites is like if people get tired of helping others probably the best thing to do is to encourage the ones that are learning to share and help the newbies as soon as they can. some newbies will come and go just for the info. but others will stay with the communitty. I think is a very friendly communitty probably because Ive been cursed too many times in others websites(different content) also is very clean of foul language for me is very remarkable.
  18. krankor11's Avatar
    @nightstah - Without getting into a debate about piracy (which really isn't worth either of our time) I don't believe backups are even legal in many countries, regardless of how I might agree with them being a valid use case. So essentially the only difference between people who come to the site to make backups and people who come to find ways to play illegally downloaded games is that one is piracy black-and-white and the other is piracy shades-of-gray (for most countries). So while you may acquire a game legally (which is completely commendable in my book) you are likely still breaking the law when you make a backup (particularly if you have to reverse engineer proprietary technology to do so). So my reference to the term "marginal" was meant more to say that it was legally marginal rather than to say that it didn't represent a valid or well-reasoned need.

    All that being said, I would go so far as to say that this entire community exists primarily because you can play backups using a hacked Wii. If you couldn't, there might still be a community around hacking your Wii to run various homebrew applications, but it would likely not have the volume of users that cause the sorts of troubles TheBandicootAddict speaks to in the original post. In other words, if you only want smart, diligent people to use your forum make sure it's about something only smart, diligent people would care about. I'm mostly kidding there but it's still true.
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    A lot of the things we do are definitely necessary with kids. You should see the DVD collection mine have ruined. USB loading is easier on them too. They can easily select the USB forwarder from the menu and pick a box rather than sift through the physical game boxes. It's so easy my 5 year old can do it. I did like the Newton analogy though. I don't want anyone to think I'm being too soft on noobs from my above posts either. I also think they should do a bit more research and expect less handouts. I have yet to encounter a problem hacking a Wii because anything I've done I've researched to the best of my ability with all available info...Not just on this site. I'm big on going to the developer or programs page for info and reading the included read me or readmii as the like to call them.
  20. nightstah's Avatar
    "Backup my games" is hardly marginal in terms of legitimacy. Yes, you mention kids and in that case it's rather obvious for some. What you left out is those that prefer USB HD transfer speeds, and those with D3-2 drive --- piracy or not, they go USB HD.
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