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  1. Red_Gh0st's Avatar
    Hey! One of those guys was me!!
  2. becksterorange's Avatar
    Ignorance is bliss.
  3. emuhack's Avatar
    hahahah that is funny....

  4. MWisBest's Avatar
    LOL! I can't believe they would invest in something like that without reading up about it. I was lucky, I got my Wii for Chirstmas of '09, and it wasn't supposed to play DVDs according to estimated dates online but I had a few lying around, tried it, and it worked great. I guess the WalMart hadn't sold a Wii in a while? lol.
  5. Krafter's Avatar
    They will probably post here today saying, I just bought a Black Wii and blaa, blaa.. why can't I get my games to run using Neogamma... blaa, blaa?
  6. StillLurkin's Avatar
    Low blow, in this economy, Ida helped em out ...then went somewhere and died of laughter.
  7. Gen3SF's Avatar
    For future gems, disable the shutter sound and then hang out at Fry's .
  8. oddgriffin's Avatar
    Yea that is kinda neat. lol