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  1. ModderMan's Avatar
    thanks..links to our tuts is ok... our tuts actually on their site as a c/p , with tut links , with credit ok

    if they take our info and use it as if they made it...NOT OK

    cheers modderman
  2. Favs's Avatar
    Well he seems to think he got permissions from a mod but I think thats a load of steamy BS.
  3. Cile's Avatar
    just let tealc leave him a couple of his comments lol
  4. D3M0N's Avatar
    well he/she asked here too haven't seen a response from the creator of the tut but the tut is on the other site allready

    anyways i think someone should have a look into this
  5. trekster's Avatar
    ban ban ban
  6. D3M0N's Avatar
    yupz got the same name on both forums
    and that would be an idea trekster

    thanx bigjat ^^
  7. bigjat69's Avatar
    Name n shame for sure, hopefully we can leave ahem comments!!

    Edit - PS love the av' D3MON....nice
    Updated 02-26-2010 at 05:16 AM by bigjat69
  8. trekster's Avatar
    If the person is the same nick on both forums then report one of their posts with the reason....

    Or better still name and shame them