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  1. Soapyjoe's Avatar
    I bought 2 sets of wiimotes and nunchucks from a hong kong distributor and both sets work perfectly and only cost me AUD$50 which a set would be $100 here so good value. Quality doesn't seem to have anything wrong with it and they were black too
  2. VashTS's Avatar
    I got two real Wii remotes, with USB charging batteries for 20 bucks from a friend. Also came with one nunchuk. and then 40 bucks for a balance board.

    i would say stick with official or hong kong bootlegs for your wii remotes. check deal extreme for wii remotes. i got the black one and it works great.
  3. humdrum's Avatar
    OK i bought the nkyo wii controller and pistol it doesn't have wii motion plus capability.
    But i got a new controller for 20 bucks cant go wrong with that