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  1. nightstah's Avatar
    Word up, Floor --- our kids have benefited greatly from my time on the site. We do edit/delete/modify/unapprove bad advice when given, but to my knowledge nothing related to your stuff. That being said, stick around time permitting and if ya need anything I'm only a PM away (Floor has specific permission to do so; this is not an invitation to others). Keepin' the kids happy, gaining and sharing in knowledge is what community is all about
  2. cybercrud's Avatar
    That's why we donate! It's just a small thanks that goes a long way to pay the bills that keep this site running.
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    I'm guessing you didn't catch my thread on this newbie nonsense here, eh Floor? That was back on 3/8/10, perhaps others inquired before but I didn't see it.
  4. Favs's Avatar
    The thread titles being changed to say something entertaining would be in part due to a suggestion I made time ago.