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  1. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
    lot of bent pins
  2. Krafter's Avatar
    It looks fine to me, I say you sell it on WiiHacks under a dummy account.
    Want to buy a Wii?
  3. JoostinOnline's Avatar
    It looks fine to me, I say you sell it on WiiHacks under a dummy account.
  4. nightstah's Avatar
    Nice blog, never forget!
  5. summersyn's Avatar
    This is one of the first major things that our generation lived through (I'm 25 btw), so as these events make their way to the history books (it's already in my college US history book) our kids will be learning about it and asking us in the same way that we asked out parents where they were when... (JFK was killed, assassination attempt on Reagan, ect.) and as we still learn about the horrible events at pearl harbor, no one will be allowed to forget. As I don't know anyone personally who was affected by this, just know that my heart DOES go out to anyone here in this community who was.
    -Thank you.
  6. Krafter's Avatar
    I just added my latest work "Patriotic". It's tested on 4.1 and working great.

    I plan on making some videos for both my themes this weekend before I move on to the next one.
  7. Krafter's Avatar
    My next creation is almost complete. I'm hoping to have it done tonight.

    edit: It wont be tonight. More likely tomorrow night.
    Updated 08-12-2010 at 06:56 PM by Krafter
  8. thatfloorguy's Avatar
    Yeah, I doubt I'll try it,until I find an old Wii that has the possibility of boot2. I just have priiloader on it now, and my 4 yr old will be pretty upset if I brick. Been checking pawn shops but it is hard to find one w/seriel # below LU63.
  9. Krafter's Avatar
    If don't have bootmii installed as boot2 then you shouldn't mess with custom themes. It is very dangerous and can lead to bricks. If you don't have bootmii installed as boot2 and priiloader installed and still willing to take the risk, I CAN NOT A WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IF ANY THING GOES WRONG!!! If you choose to do so then check out this guide here. It will tell you how to convert my mym file into a csm file and load it into your wii. Go luck and be afraid... very afraid because as I said this can be dangerous if not done properly.
  10. thatfloorguy's Avatar
    I would like to check it out, but not sure to even go about it. Will the homebrew app Wii Home allow me to install this, and is it compatable for 4.2 SM?
  11. Neutron 2000's Avatar
    I will try it
  12. wiiLike2Hacks's Avatar
    Would love to see 'em -- maybe include screen-shots in your next post?
  13. unrealtron's Avatar
    congrats, great theme
  14. Krafter's Avatar
    I'll see what I can do. If I can find enough pics I should be pretty simple.
  15. Cile's Avatar
    if you take requests ...can you make a luigi theme....

    tried it on sneek 4.2E,3.2E works

    (i might try to make one)
  16. Krafter's Avatar
    Thanks for trying it out...

    The message board icon will change when there is a new entry and looks much better. I still need find the alpha setting value for the icon when there isn't a new entry. That is on my to do list with the theme I'm working on now.

    I think one of the things that help me was I tried to start from scratch as much as possible (all though I did use two files from other themes.. Thanks Fiire). I could have found someone else's theme and just change the pics but where is then fun in that.
    Updated 08-08-2010 at 07:25 PM by Krafter
  17. Cile's Avatar
    pretty awesome for a first theme the bullets were a nice touch

    (the wii message board button is a bit blurry the envelope need a lil touch up)