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  1. Donald Buchanan's Avatar
    Would you be able to give any insight to the process you used in removing, and then reattaching the chip?
  2. Krafter's Avatar
    I have a Wii in the same shape. I now know it can be fixed and feel confident that I can handle it.

    Thanks for the blog and help bad_Ad84.
  3. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
    Only if you are in the UK gen3sf
  4. Gen3SF's Avatar
    Very interesting, thanks for blogging your observations. I also now know who has been outbidding me on eBay for those Wiis.
  5. skagg's Avatar
    As shadow said that is intresting to know.Wish i had a few broken wii's i could play around with,thats just what i'm into.
  6. ShadowSonic2's Avatar
    Interesting Experiment.