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  1. TheKingOfDaim's Avatar
    i have problem with game The Hip Hop Dance Experience
    i cant run it from usb loader gx...
    when i run it wii turn me back to wii menu
  2. goossens's Avatar
    If I understand correctly, when softmodding, if I donīt do anything wrong, I can still irrecoverably brick my Wii. Any idea on the chance of that happening? 30%? 10%? 1%?
  3. goossens's Avatar
    If I understand correctly, when softmodding, if I donīt do anything wrong, I can still irrecoverably brick my Wii. Any idea on the chance of that happening? 30%? 10%? 1%?
  4. EpicGamer's Avatar
    Lol nice one maui
  5. mauifrog's Avatar
    Daddy said "Son, use a condom. Trust me, it is best". Now I have three kids.
  6. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
    I buy all of my games, like everybody should (;)), and then immediatley install them to the harddrive. I then put them in my deskdrawer, so that I can't lose or damage them. In case my harddrive fails, I can always install all of the games again. :) I never need to worry about losing a game or something, as I always have the original DVDs. :D
  7. Traceable's Avatar
    Damn, it's always good to not trust your HDDs.
  8. billyhome's Avatar
    attention ! attention ! attention !
    a big gift for all future white-brick-owners.
  9. Darkcide666's Avatar
    I'm not saying Pimpmywii is the most elegant or sophisticated program. It's kind of a lazy persons tool. But the way people talk about it on here some without ever using it or understanding the program boggles my mind. Just like any hacking activity or program it bears certain risks especially to those that do not know the full ramifications or understand the concept of what they are doing. It seems to me that most problems on here and other sites are caused by some form of human error but it's in most peoples nature to blame a program or something else for their own fail. It's by far easier to blame something else, especially with a lack of knowledge or understanding, than it is to stand up and say, "I don't know what I'm doing and screwed up somehow.".
  10. narse1979's Avatar
    PimpMyWii- Took a look at it this morning - Crude is all I have to say - In the same bag as any_title_deleter
  11. Bliepo's Avatar
    @Stomp_442: I totally agree with you except about theming. I wouldn't even mess with theme even with bootmii as boot2. Sure, themes may look nice, but in my expierence, they all to often have issues (for example, text is not really readable).
    @Darkcide666: I partially agree with you, but my main concern is that pimpmywii is advertised as a program that will automagically fix things with a push of a button, without drawbacks. An inexpierenced user will think the app is totally safe, while it isn't.
  12. Darkcide666's Avatar
    I'll agree with everything but pimpmywii. It doesn't automatically choose or update anything for you. It just compares you installed IOS and cIOS against the current rev and allows you to manually update them if you choose to. The key being choose to. You can pick, choose, and skip whatever you want. There is lots of potential for error from people that don't understand what they are doing but it will not automatically brick your wii. It still requires user error like most everything else.
  13. Stomp_442's Avatar
    Here is my take on this:

    Example nr. 1 - Bricking by updating through Nintendo
    updating is completely unnecessary, newer games will work with older system menus
    example - if a game installs 4.2, it will work on 3.2

    Example nr. 2 - Theming
    Don't even mess with themes, unless you have BootMii installed as Boot2
    BootMii installed as IOS will not save you

    Example nr. 3 - Pimpmywii
    Updates your IOS's and installs missing IOS's, again, completely unnecessary.
    IOS's do not need to be updated, period.
    Any missing IOS can be manually installed.
  14. SarimsterX's Avatar
    We needed this. Badly. Ah, and I know what you mean about BrickMyWii, No matter how many warnings you give people will use it. Then, they will complain that thier wii is messed up and another site said it's ok to use it. *sigh* Anyways, Nice Job!
  15. sgibson1980's Avatar
    Well put....
  16. Gen3SF's Avatar
    I agree with both the content and the placement as a Blog. As humans, we make mistakes and we are fortunate in that we can look back and learn from our mistakes. In looking back, I hope most can also see an improvement in ability to communicate to a diverse community, maybe gained a broader perspective, and learned flexibility in problem-solving. It sounds as you are well-positioned for these benefits. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience.
  17. Ithian's Avatar
    Nope looks fine to me and I think it's excellent advice for advice givers. We're only human and mistakes do happen. Good of you to share your experience of personal growth with and for the community.