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  1. stmcmurray76's Avatar
    I use a WD My Book 1TB ($89.99 @ best buy) My son is 7 and navigates his 40 or so games and endless WADs perfectly. When installation is done right (thanks to wiihacks guides) it is virtually fool-proof<::>
  2. Baboo77's Avatar
    I love usb cause Im lazy and hate getting up to change games and all these fancy loaders with box covers and all makes it even more attractive. The only time I use disk is when I get these protected games that don't work with usb, which sucks.
  3. jelly071's Avatar
    USB HDD is the best method
  4. rockitman1960's Avatar
    Had many probs loading games from disc.Games loaded too fast.(5 seconds)
    Disc images stayed after deleting the game(which l think caused my probs).
    Every game loaded from pc to ext hd had no probs.
    Using wd passport-500gb-37 games-over 400 gb left-whew!
    System stable now.Games run very quickly AND smoothly.
  5. Wintuckey's Avatar
    been putting off buying a hdd. those western digital 1tb are $99 U.S. probably the cheapest out there. gotta get me one.
  6. Johnny2good's Avatar
    Only time i use the disc drive is to backup to the hard drive lol that it full stop you get a faster reaction from hard drive then disc anyhow.
  7. Ithian's Avatar
    lol pob I wasn't asking a serious question. Just a joke bud.
  8. narse1979's Avatar
    You can get a western digital 1TB hdd for just under 70.
    Also on the compatability list.
    I'm with you on this one pob!
  9. Pob3008's Avatar

    Wait so how do you get MH3 disc to play using this guide? I don't understand.
    I'm not sure about everyone else but i put the game on my Hard drive and played it through cfg loader usb default settings (cIOS38 rev19)
  10. Cile's Avatar
    Wait so how do you get MH3 disc to play using this guide? I don't understand.

    buy a hdd in long run you save money and your nerves
  11. Favs's Avatar
    Its not always the burn that fails, most of the time its the software and I've got 2 modcips and every disc I've ever burnt (all at 8x) have worked without a hitch so don't assume your burning process failed just because the software can't load the disc.
  12. thatfloorguy's Avatar
    Usb is the way to go, unless you can afford a WODE ! The last time I even loaded a disc was to extract the files needed for Reggie, and then I put it in backwards and thought, "Now what's wrong with this machine?" LOL
  13. Ithian's Avatar
    Wait so how do you get MH3 disc to play using this guide? I don't understand.
  14. wiiLike2Hacks's Avatar
    I just started my usb gaming a couple weeks ago; it's freaking awesome! When I was still playing via disc, I rarely ran into issues. When I did, a little searching in the forum usually corrected my problems. One thing that irks me however, is when folks refer to the hard disk drive as a HD! It's not high def! Not calling you out OP, I just see it a lot here
  15. oddgriffin's Avatar
    This happens everytime a new game comes out that needs a workaround. All these disk users comeout of the woodwork. That tells me one thing, for the most part they are just hit and runners. Most ppl that keep an eye on the wiihacking scene have moved on to usb devices or can follow directions enough to get the disks to run the games without issue. Either way they are stubborn and often say things like "Ican't do it" so I ignore the whole thread of them lol
  16. Pob3008's Avatar
    Yes, it reinstalled all files without touching any of the homebrew stuff
  17. Johnny2good's Avatar
    But you already had 4.2 in right your saying you ran it again a brought it back to day 1 ya, didnt think it run over 4.2 if it already has 4.2 , nice to no that it does
  18. thatfloorguy's Avatar
    These are great. I have to agree with Tealc, the pole walker is just painful to even look at.
  19. Favs's Avatar
    Need some cioscorp ones methinks.
  20. oddgriffin's Avatar
    Where is that fail pic thread at? lmao
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