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    TSSOP8 adapter

    3 Pcs SMD CONVERTER ADAPTER PCB TSSOP/MSOP Convert DIP8 on eBay (end time 18-Feb-11 07:35:38 GMT)

    makes for easy use in a universal programmer.

    However, I definitely didn't have an ST chip in the one I opened, however they should both work using the same setting as its going to be the same algorithm
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    lol at iainw for..
    a) not learning what savemiifrii is.
    b) asking a question on a blog.

    Wondering if bootmii files is what we meant though.
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    does any one have a copy of SaveMiiFrii files as i can't find them , my sons just black screened his wii
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    good going erikie! Thought the chip needed to be soldered to the legs? From what you sounds like its reusable?
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    Yup, have a theme bricked one here also.. and boot1c.. and no keys... so the customer is shit out of luck for now..
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    I believe the biggest brick maker is people not know what they are doing and not taking the time to read up on stuff before they try it out. Yes themes can brick your wii but I've installed dozens and even made my own and never bricked, WHY? cause I take my time and learn what I have to learn so that I don't do something stupid.
    Youtube is another big cause, with so many halfassed guides made by people who have no clue what they are doing, combined with the people in my first sentence is a recipe for disaster.
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    Themes is indeed a brick creator, never seen one myself but read enough about it.
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    Installing themes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i personally ran into a bad tutorial (guess that's a pretty common problem)
    bad wads for sure by the amount of bannerbricks
    bad day ? not too many i guess, a power out during install, that chance isn't that big (or you must be numb enough to fidel with it during an storm)
    a lack of knowledge causes also enough bricks ^^