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    Thanks it was good. Hope you had a good holiday. Crazy the new year's coming up this week.
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    man... Thats makes me hungry.... nice!!
  4. Ithian's Avatar
    Anyone who brings candy is always welcome lol.
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    @ Ithian --- Yeah, there are quite a few differences, but they look almost the same. Sinterklaas is also a fat, old grandpa with a white beard. ;)

    That's too bad, about the snow and fireworks. Snow is great, except when you get a huge snowball right into your face, or perhaps in your ear; that really hurts, and it's very cold, too.

    Perhaps I can bring your cousin the repaired Wii when I'm dressed up like a black-clown, or what they call ''Zwarte pieten'' here. I'll rent Sinterklaas his boat, and sail to your place, though I'll have to walk on the last part; or maybe I'll even take Santa Claus his sleigh to make things easier. If I'm not returning to The Netherlands in time, Sinterklaas will be stuck for quite a while, but who cares, right? It makes the children happy to see the old dude. It'd be quite a new experience when you find a bag lying in your bracing system, with a repaired Wii inside it which is hacked by Sinterklaas himself, with some flavourful candy as well. What do you think? Am I in? ;)
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  6. Ithian's Avatar
    @TheBandicootAddict - lol that is quite a difference between the two figures. Unfortunately I live in the desert so no snow for me, and as part of my "American civil liberties" fireworks are illegal to use here unless it's the 4th of July (between 8pm and midnight, no less). But I am still looking forward to those holidays. My younger cousin is getting a bootmii/boot2 repaired Wii that will be decked out from head to toe with a killer softmod. Maybe it will be tagged from Sinterklaas.

    @thatfloorguy - Thanks floor! If you were around I'd say come on over buddy. I think the fam enjoyed themselves a lot while they were over, and it was a pleasure having them. I will say playing host is an exhausting venture and, while I love them, it's nice to have some peace and quiet again.
  7. thatfloorguy's Avatar
    Man that looks like it tastes amazing, *moving to Cali by this time next year*, LOL. I am glad your first attempt at it was a success, and your family enjoyed not only your effort, but the fruits of your labor also.
  8. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
    Santa Claus is called ''Kerstman'' here, but no-one gives a whimp about him. Sinterklaas is exactly the same though, but then from Spain on a boat, riding a horse instead of a sleigh, and perhaps he's a little bit older? They say he's 590 years old. Sinterklaas also has an army of black-painted clowns, with a hat with a feather on it on their head, who all deliver the presents through the bracing system. I had to play one of them once --- it was painful. :p

    Seriously can't wait until Christmas, with a nice christmas tree in the house, and hopefully snow outside to play with with my little sister. You gotta love playing in the snow with your kids/brothers/sisters. And then when we're about to enter 2011, I'm going to contrast all of my fireworks. Who doesn't love that? :008:
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  9. Ithian's Avatar
    Sinterklaas sure sounds a whole lot like our Santa Claus -- The big cheerful man in the red suit with the big white beard comes to give presents to all the children. Around here Santa doesn't show up until the 25th, so maybe he gets caught up in some flight delays for the holidays making his way over to the Americas.

    But I agree with you, I am very much looking forward to winding down this holiday season. If for nothing else than my finals will be done lol.
  10. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
    That's really nice to here. :)

    Sadly enough, there are no official holidays here for a long time.
    Last one was ''Valentijnsdag'', what you would call ''Valentine's Day'', but to call that an official holiday...

    We do have something called ''Sinterklaas'', though. That's a guy with a beard who arrives from Spain every year on December 5th, with a lot of presents for the cute kids. I'm looking forward to that. And Christmas and 2011 are getting closer and closer. Those are the most fun and cozy days of the year, in my opinion. :)
  11. Ithian's Avatar
    Thanks very much. And it was -- lot more fun than I've had the chance to have in a good long while.
  12. InvincibleSloth's Avatar
    Looks really delicious. Actually get hungry when looking at the pictures. :)

    I live in The Netherlands, so no Thanksgiving here, but I hope you had a good one! ;)
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    I love it but wish it would leave my signature when I post from it!
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  15. SarimsterX's Avatar
    AWESOME..but no android?
  16. emuhack's Avatar

    Donations being used all in the right places....

  17. Ithian's Avatar
    That's a bummer. I've never tried it myself but Wii Backup Manager has become a really popular backup tool over the last several months. Maybe give it a shot. WBFS Manager always bugged out on me. I use ncWBFSTool now and like it quite a bit, but it doesn't have an effective "copy drive" function.
  18. Jasons34's Avatar
    Glad I got mine. Now Im having problems using wbs manager to "clone my drive. Now I have to manually put the games on my new drive. Just glad I only have 23 games to do.
  19. Ithian's Avatar
    @wiihacker192 - I have no reason to assume it doesn't. Dell is a legitimate company.

    @narse1979 - Ouch. Just ouch.

    @Jasons34 - I don't believe it will. I think a misfire happens at the split when attempting to link the two drives on a Wii, as the driver capability isn't coded to support that type of connection. Feel free to prove me wrong though: I'm sure many users would appreciate that type of functionality - myself included.

    On a side note, I had the exact same experience that day, almost verbatim. My exception was they had sold out of the 500GB drives as well.

    @wiiLike2Hacks & @thatfloorguy - My pleasure. Hope a few people get a nice new drive out of it.
  20. Jasons34's Avatar
    I just went and ordered mine today. I remember on black friday walking into my nearby Target 2 minutes after they opened and walked straight back to electronics where they had those HDD cheap only to find that they had already sold out of the 1TB. They only had 1 500GB so I bought that instead. Now I will transfer all my stuff from the 500 to the 1 TB and maybe use the smaller one for movies. Is it even possible to run a usb Y adapater and have both these drives hooked to the wii at the same time?
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