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  1. trucker1's Avatar
    thats a thought but if someone did that what fun would you have hacking your wii,but it would be cool to have that available.
  2. bazk666's Avatar
    Great idea crimghost, but has the m8's said it would take years to test, money etc. on the other hand, I would love someone to come up with something likes this, this would be the icing on the cake, HBC is king, I think it is a wounderful app.. the guys who came up with this are (in my eyes) gods..
  3. jeffr's Avatar
    sounds like a cool idea. not sure i would want it. i'm pleased with the current setup. there are ways to create new channels (sure you knew that already) to me though, i'm happy with the wii i bought (for my wife) knowing i was going to hack and run media, emulators and backups. it out there so why not lol. it's just another step hitting the hbc then you app of choice. personally if i had the ability/knowledge i wouldn't mess with it. interesting topic though.
  4. wiimaster4eva's Avatar
    Ninty have already made he most hackable console, and in a way they don't really want to sop it completely. How many people have purchased a Wii knowing they can be hacked?
    I see what you are getting at here, introducing a whole new set up, unfortunately to produce a whole new operating system would take years of testing. Look how much time and money ninty would have spent making the wii system.
    Nice idea though, but since the system is still so easily hackable, I doubt it will ever happen.