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  1. thatfloorguy's Avatar
    That is great, so happy to hear he is doing better.
  2. Gen3SF's Avatar
    Glad to hear your pup is on the mend.
  3. trekster's Avatar
    Hmmm I made a post but it doesn't have seemed to post

    My doggy came back yesterday afternoon, Been home 24 hours and he seems to be good, No sickness etc, Hopefully it will stay like that!!!!

    Thanks for all the kind words
  4. acornty's Avatar
    i feel for ya man.
    a while back my dog attacked a porcupine. so $1,000, 2 hours, and 200 porcupine quills later, he was ok hope your dog gets better
  5. mcav's Avatar
    I have had dogs all my life and they are the amazing animals they can help to heal the sick and lift your spirits when you are low they don't ask for much just a little attention and love.
    They are training some to sniff out cancer There is a documentary called the secret life of dogs by the BBC horizon well worth a watch.
    I hope your pup gets well soon.
  6. madflute's Avatar
    i love dogs, i feel very sorry for you and your pet, and i hope he gets well soon! be strong like they are
  7. Stomp_442's Avatar
    dogs were the best thing invented. it's always a sad time when you fear the worst of your dog. hope your dog gets well soon.
  8. wulfgarfang's Avatar
    sorry trek.I am a dog guy and I feel for you
  9. junkmail's Avatar
    That sucks, I'm a dog guy, too. Hope he's back to destroying your house soon!
  10. thatfloorguy's Avatar
    Hope he gets better soon, I agree pets are a part of the family. I cried when I lost my rotty, he made it to 14 yrs old at least. Hope to hear something good soon on the situation.
  11. trekster's Avatar
    Well I spoke to the vet this morning, They are keeping him for another 24hours at least :S They are taking the drip out and gonna try him on a little bit of solids to see how he goes...

    He has had shit shots, So I don't think its parvo.....
  12. ShadowSonic2's Avatar
    Hope your pup gets well soon. Pets are always good companions, especially dogs.
  13. ModderMan's Avatar
    yes...feel for you and your doggy trek.. dogs are mans best friend
  14. Ithian's Avatar
    Sorry for your pup man, it's always difficult to see your pet suffer. Hope he has a speedy recovery.
  15. D3M0N's Avatar
    hope he get's well soon
  16. albertbert's Avatar
    That sounds like parvovirus, has your dog has all his vaccinations?

    Either way, hope he gets better.
  17. Baboo77's Avatar
    I feel for ya. I went through the same thing last year and it sucks.
  18. Gen3SF's Avatar
    Chicken with rice and maybe a small amount of yogurt is a good idea. You want to minimize beef, pork, and fish due to their tendency to cause diarrhea.

    I hope your dog gets better soon. It's so hard to see them sick and miserable.
  19. Cile's Avatar
    I had that too with my dog just keep giving him raw chicken mixed with rice it should fix the diarrhea works every time for my 2 yr old lab..Hope he gets better....
  20. trekster's Avatar
    i'm so bored tonight, Where is everybody :'(
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