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  1. Rita003's Avatar
    Music to iPad Transfer, transfer music to iPad freely What if you don't want to use iTunes? Is there a quick way to achieve this?:p
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    PLEASE register there via that thread!!!!

  3. emuhack's Avatar
    Well you know I have to ask now........why not

  4. OneConundrum's Avatar
    I really want to try that Angry Birds app. Problem is, I don't own a cell phone (nor do I want too). Don't ask...long story. <g>
  5. Favs's Avatar
    I play Final Fantasy and some of the old Point and click adventure games which have been ported.
  6. ShadowSonic2's Avatar
    Played Angry Birds for a time. Currently on my iPod Touch I play;
    Street Fighter IV
    Asphalt 5
    Rope N Fly 2
    We Rule

    We Rule is a great game to play with friends online.
  7. Monotremata's Avatar
    Dont go through Verizon... I went through and extended my AT&T contract with no problem..
    AT&T at the time was offering the Backflip for $99 but I got it free through (theyre also who use for cell phone orders/service).. I think letstalk's restrictions for upgrading was you had to be within 90 days of your current contract expiring.

    The Droid, which was like $200 at Verizon, was $99 from When I made the decision between the two, the Droid was down to $49. I ultimately went with the free Backflip though cause VZW wanted a security deposit from me and it was just cheaper and easier to stay with AT&T..
  8. emuhack's Avatar
    Well i called VZW and my upgrade is not for 3 months but i can do it today the lady said but i dont get the $100 Credit.... SO yeah im waiting till the 30 day mark hits and then going in and prolly getting the droid with the qwerty slide... because i keep hearing that android os owns all other.... i might go into the store and mess around with it....

    alos @ RiC0MD : if i get a windows phone cant you flash it to win 7 when it hits.... hmmmmm

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the choices....

  9. Gen3SF's Avatar
    Guess it will be Android if you stay with Verizon. The Apple-ATT exclusivity agreement has been revealed to be a 5-year deal. Apple signed the iPhone over to AT&T until 2012.
  10. Gen3SF's Avatar
    I have the Palm Pre Plus because I value the physical keyboard, multitasking, and the ability to insert a new battery when I travel. I like the WebOS and have gotten over my initial App Store envy and have almost everything I need working on my Palm Pre. (I have used Palm/Handspring/Treos since their release). I have been very pleased with the homebrew community and use homebrew apps, patches, and utilities a lot.

    I would not, however, recommend the Palm for you at this time. Palm is being bought by HP and I have hopes that the WebOS will be used for tablet and better smartphone devices. The manufacturing quality of the Palm Pre Plus is the worst I have ever seen from Palm. While Verizon is great about replacing the defective models, not everything can be backed up and restored-so that's a pain.

    Either the iPhone when it gets to Verizon or the Android would be a better option for you right now.
  11. Monotremata's Avatar
    Forget Palm (didnt they get bought yet again recently?).. I had a Blackberry for the last two years and just got the Backflip on AT&T and gotta say I love the android OS.. All of my friends have iPhones and while theyre neat, I played with an iPod Touch for awhile and hated the interface.. The touch screen typing, at least for me, is soo much easier on the Backflip.. Id imagine the Droid and the Eris are the same.. Or you could go with a physical keyboard too and get the Moto Devour on VZW. I almost moved to Verizon just to get the Droid but the day the Backflip came out I found it online for free with a contract extension so I stuck with AT&T..
    I think the Android OS has a much bigger and broader selection of apps too.. And you can install third party apps that arent in the Android Market unlike the iPhone, which you have to jailbreak to get anywhere near the freedom of Android..
  12. Wintuckey's Avatar
    palm is dead. they wont be around very soon. unless someone buys them (which does not look promising). as far as software is concerned, i like android just because its open source. the windows OS looks pretty good. i haven't seen the phones yet though.
  13. RiC0MD's Avatar
    May wish to wait till the end of the year and take a look at the Windows Mobile 7 phones, thats pretty much what I'm holding off for.
  14. streetsurfer158's Avatar
    Definitely do not go with Palm or windows mobile unless your ready to use a pen for everyday navigation. A family member and a computer IT manager has an android phone and both me and him love it. The web browsing and social networking on the android definitely own the iphone, in case you like web browsing on your phone. With android you can also VNC, among other things, which I find would be really cool since controlling your computer through your phone is a great way to do alot of things on your pc while your mobile. I myself have just ordered an android phone. For social networking, I like to use a qwerty slide out keyboard (something the IPhone doesnt offer... maybe in time), but I can get a phone with slide out qwerty and touch with android OS for a better price than a different os phone, and from my point of view, can do the most for me than other OS's.
  15. Ithian's Avatar
    Yeah that's been a tough one for me as well, I'm in a similar bucket but my phone's a crap one that's about 4 years old lol. Lots of people like the android phones, but at the same time I always hear them say something along the lines of how much better it is than an iphone. Not that it isn't, but the fact that they feel it needs to be pointed out interests me.

    Anyways if the iphone that comes out for verizon looks anything like that leaked version does, that'll be the one I go with.
  16. Big Rabbit's Avatar
    Muchas gracias Waninkoko!!!
  17. ninwiime's Avatar
    please can you help me on how to upgrade wad manager 1.4 to 1.6 as i don't know how to do this
  18. wiiLike2Hacks's Avatar
    Great! Thanks for the share, definitely grabbing it.
  19. Teslacoil33's Avatar
    Woo awesome, will give this a whirl right now.
  20. emuhack's Avatar
    Check out my channel release of wad manger 1.4

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