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  1. cadeyco's Avatar
    just to let you know, the mediafire link for homebrew browser is dead
  2. Mames's Avatar
    GX wins again. He He
  3. Red_Gh0st's Avatar
    cfg is more updated than gx
  4. WreckEm711's Avatar
    From your experience, why would you prefer CFG USB Loader over something like USB Loader GX?
  5. supahlucas's Avatar
    Would u like to play ssbb
  6. yyhung317's Avatar
    well basically the thing is that the 3ds is oredi hacked 24 hours later after it was release at japan..
  7. yyhung317's Avatar
    well if they open up the console i guess it would even nett more things rather than just a small closeup shot ..
  8. infin1ty's Avatar
    most flashcards that work on dsi (xl) work with the 3DS however they are not suited to launch 3ds roms i think
  9. Bayliss79's Avatar
    wow there are flashcards allready???