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  1. unrealtron's Avatar
    pwn is heaven
  2. emuhack's Avatar
    i got a Kingston 16gb from ebay for $15 and when i got it it worked for a day then i went bad.... so i sent it to them and they said it was fake... go figure... LOL

    so yes i know they are out there...

  3. ganoderma's Avatar
    Heard of those before.
    Generally I just buy my flash drives in a real shop so I can bring it back and complain if it's fake memory or a malfunctioning chip.
    (not that I buy a lot of flash drives though :P)
  4. SarimsterX's Avatar
    Nice read, I'll look out for those
  5. messie's Avatar
    Apple?? no, thanks. I'd rather keep my personal info for myself...
  6. Gen3SF's Avatar
    I am reminded of an Avengers episode (a British TV program from the '60s) where the improved Cybernauts in Return of the Cybernauts tracked their targets by their heartbeat patterns (ECG). In the first appearance of the Cybernauts, they followed a transmitter signal planted on an item the victim wore such as Steed's watch or Mrs Peel's bracelet.
  7. s0ur's Avatar
    Talk about apple putting their iron fist on devices you yourself have purchased. :shakes head at apple:
  8. manddd's Avatar
    How very cool.
  9. terrytai's Avatar
    only can say " oh stupid"
  10. Gen3SF's Avatar
    I guess some Aussie fashion designers are afraid of being mistaken for real professionals. Don't the expressions on the models' faces say something along the lines of "Oh God, I hope no one important sees me modeling this stupid thing"?

    The facial expression on the guy looks like he is posing for his booking mug shot after being arrested for stealing an iPad.
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  11. Favs's Avatar
    WHY!!!! seriously WHY!!!!! is this needed?
  12. wiiLike2Hacks's Avatar
    I would definitely purchase an LCD for the Wii -- if by Hori
  13. Gen3SF's Avatar
    @MWisBest-take a look at the used section for, I quoted the new prices from established large vendors I saw. While researching the info for this issue of the blog, I saw some used versions and even new for much less. I just checked Amazon and I see a price of $85.00 new from a vendor named Auction Depot but fulfilled by AND eligible for Prime Shipping.
  14. MWisBest's Avatar
    If only I had $110. I would so buy this.
  15. Favs's Avatar
    Some good times with some of those games portrayed in those images.
  16. s0ur's Avatar
    "I Have No Mouth, But I Must Scream..." Is a MUST play for ScummVM. Harlan Ellison is one of the most genious short story writers aside from H.P. Lovecraft.

    Good writeup gen3sf!
  17. sgibson1980's Avatar
    I Never get bored of these games...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gen3sf
    Thanks very much for taking the time to read my Blog post, your compliments, and for offering our members a 5% coupon code. Your generosity and support of WiiHacks is much appreciated.

    Just wanted to add:

    Wiihacks only recommended vendor for case mods is

    They are not sponsors here...However they are honest and quick and we have only had praise from the customers that have dealt with them with customizations over the years

    You get the best service/support/price from

    Modderman ~
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  19. wiiLike2Hacks's Avatar
    Thanks for the discount, Gamestuff. We really appreciate it.

    You're welcome, gen3sf! I hope to see more mods from other members of our community
  20. streetsurfer158's Avatar
    *this skin is being sold on ebay
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