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  1. kazeakage's Avatar
    I've recently moded a wii with a usb loader and i was wondering if the games are saved to the wii or do i have to keep them on my usb(flashdrive) inorder to play the game.Please Assit.
  2. WiiJohn's Avatar
    Thanks Gen, I need all the encouragement I can get.

    I'm doing two 3 mile runs, and one 10 mile run per week at the moment.
    PB's are 3 mile 26:03 mins, 10 mile 1hour:34 mins
    very slowly getting better.
  3. Gen3SF's Avatar
    Just saw your blog and wanted to say wow! Doesn't matter veteran, grandfather, whatever...good for you...that's great!
  4. WiiJohn's Avatar
    I'm entering the Para 10 Challenge. I won't be wearing boots and carrying a 35lb pack. (you have to do it in 1hr 50min to beat the challenge.
    Seems you have to do that to join them, then they get you fit.

    Paras' 10 - The Ultimate in 10 Mile Endurance Races

    @Bad you could fill your pack with all those Wii's you have.

    @cisko, thanks for the comment, please accept my condolences for the passing away of Liverpool.
  5. cisko's Avatar
    Well done WiiJohn,us veterans have too stick together although I could'nt keep pace with you!
  6. Bad_Ad84's Avatar
    10 miles would take me at least 3 hours and im young and not over weight. lol
  7. novacane's Avatar
    i just updated to 0.6 not 5 mins ago lol
  8. ganoderma's Avatar
    My entry is posted in the thread by the way
  9. Red_Gh0st's Avatar
    I was going to do a Wiihacks HBC Theme but then I realized I suck at everything that has to do with images.
  10. ganoderma's Avatar
    Ooh sounds nice
    Might give it a shot
  11. WiiJohn's Avatar
  12. Russ68's Avatar
    can any 1 help i have a 4.2e system & have done bootmii as boot 2 nand back ive followed the cios + bug thing up i have installed hbc & gx loader i can load games to loader, hard drive is fromatted to FAT32 but will not format when in gx loader? also will not play games( Black screen) & shows no gb's on game disc when loaded on hard drive can any 1 come up with a simple idear of how to make it work for me im a hack virgin
  13. Johnny2good's Avatar
    WodeFlow = WiiFlow = Snap
  14. Baboo77's Avatar
    Not surprised that it looks like wiiflow since it is coded by the same bunch of guys. They do such nice work.
  15. Favs's Avatar
    I tested GC games and they worked reasonably fine even though there where some bugs with the loading but for a BETA it works quite nice.
  16. WiiJohn's Avatar
    I'm told the next beta release will have that feature working. I'll test it and post a video of the GC games.
    I believe it works now on some configurations, but not mine, my games work but it does not download the covers.
    Updated 04-20-2010 at 10:40 PM by WiiJohn
  17. sgibson1980's Avatar
    Looks very much like wiiflow to me... Can it play GC games from this menu though is the question???
  18. wiimaster4eva's Avatar
    yeah join the club, like minded people always help for motivation. As i said before add just a little every time, when you are out on a run and you are just about to turn, look ahead and say "next time I will run to there". Don't just stick to 10k if you can do more then do more. Remember John your body can take all you can throw at it, it's your mind you have to convince.
  19. WiiJohn's Avatar
    One day. Should I have a larger gap. Usually when I start running I miss a few days and find it difficult to start again. So I thought I would stick at it.
    I'm thinking of joining the local club Bedford Harriers, what do you think.
  20. wiimaster4eva's Avatar
    How much time you leaving between runs?
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