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Hello everyone,
I plan to make a list of all the people who play GoldenEye so everyone could add each other, I will update the list periodically And hopefully attract a decent amount of people so we can make either a tourney/clan etc. So if you put your friend code here, i will add it to the list.So here we go
I will list Your goldeneye name, your wiihacks name and fc in that order

The List
Goldeneye Name: WiihacksName:Friend Code
StathisK,StathisK, 2246-9062-1736
Harry,HTM94, 1738-7710-4054
roadofexcess, bmf ,0350-0984-0762.
Ferocious Monk, Ferocious Monk, 4809 6871 8706
Googleyz,Goo6l3y, 4148 6203 9956
Marco!, Marco, 2969-6807-8559
bubba949,Liam, 3757-3950-7753
Doodle Bob,DoodleBob, 1828-7363-2106